Will my San Marcos CA pet sitter give my pet their medication?

The short answer is yes if they will take it easily.

What if my pet doesn’t like to take their “pills?’

While I do find this video spoof funny, I always want my interactions with pets to be positive and therefore prefer not to “force” them to take a pill.

If people acted like pets, cat doesn't want pill

If people acted like pets, cat doesn’t want pill

To watch this hilarious video, click this link –> Lady acts like a cat who doesn’t want her medicine

Do you have experience giving pet(s) medication?

My experience has been with pets who will “eat” their pill or powder supplement mixed in with their food or take it wrapped in something such as meat or a pill pocket.

The only pet that forced me to “think on my feet” and come up with a new method was a cat. Although the family and I had established a few methods of how to get the cat to take the pill, none of them worked.

He would eat some of the cheese or meat and spit out the pill. I would try again and he would turn away as if to say “go away peasant, I’m done with you.”

It was heart medication and imperative it is given daily. I immediately called the owners to discuss my suggestion of dissolving the pill in a tiny bit water.  That worked like a charm!

What if my pet needs an injection?

Unfortunately, I am unable to perform this task as I’m not experienced in giving injections and a bit fearful of needles.

For this reason, I will always pass on a request with a pet that needs medication by injection. It is more important to me your pet gets their medication than for me to hope I could get over my fear of needles.

Do you charge extra for giving med’s or supplements?

No, I do not.  I want them to get or stay healthy!

If another sitter charges for the “service” there is some debate as to if it is legal to charge a fee.  Some states view it as practicing medicine and other states allow it.





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