Vaccine duration: how long does immunity last?

Recently I have had many inquiries on my website for the duration of vaccines & schedules.

Rabies is valid for 3 years

Specifically, I am seeing phrases about rabies 2 year or yearly rabies. Please know rabies vaccines are valid for 3 years in all 50 states!

Why all the Rabies confusion?

It seems some vets are still issuing 1 or 2-year certificates even when they administer a 3-year vaccine.

Which vaccines do we require to perform pet sitting or dog walking services?

California state law requires rabies. Pet sitting or dog walking clients in Escondido, San Marcos & Carlsbad will be asked for proof of Rabies only at your initial consultation. Any other vaccines are not mandatory to get started with pet care services.

Steps to take before giving your pets’ vaccines

1) Verify the duration of immunity for your pet.

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2) Evaluate your pet’s lifestyle: If you don’t board your pet, perhaps you will want to forgo the bordetella shot. Which by the way does not cover all the strains of the virus and is generally thought of as the equivalent of a human cold. Bottom line, some vaccines may not be relevant to the area you live in or your pet’s lifestyle.

3) Get a homeopathic nosode to counteract the effects of the vaccine: For example, Lyssin is the nosode for the rabies vaccine. You will more than likely have to order this off the internet, so give yourself plenty of time to receive it before your appointment.

4) Titer when possible: yes a titer test may cost a little more than a shot but in the long run it is healthier for your pet. Possible vaccine reactions and long-term effects could cost you hundreds to thousands more than the titer test.

5) Separate vaccines: do not get the type that combines multiple vaccines in one.

6) Recalls: Check for recent or current issues with vaccines.

7) Health: never ever give any vaccines to pet whom may be sick.

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