Happy Trails & Wag’n Tails is the first pet sitter in the San Marcos, CA area to offer untimed visits!

What are untimed pet sit visits?

Simply put these are visits where I don’t watch the clock. Instead, my barometer is a happy and content pet.

Untimed pet sit

Untimed pet sit

How are un-timed pet sitting visits beneficial?

For you, it is an assurance you will never have to pay extra fees. It’s like having insurance, you will always be covered!

How does it benefit your pet?

Some pets need more time to get their energy out, need some extra TLC or time to eat. They will get the time they need to so that they feel content and happy!

Un-timed visits could save you money!

With the traditional timed visits, that you have been used to, you may have been conditioned to think 30-40 minutes is all your pets need. That may be true for some pets but not for others.

This method could also incur other fees!  Some examples are:

1)  If a pet had to be taken to the vet, additional fees for time and travel would apply.

2)  If something was happening at the house, for example, your garage door would not close/it was malfunctioning.  If your pet sitter had to stay to wait for a repairman, while keeping the house and your pets secure, you could be charged for the additional time spent at your home.

A few customers are already enjoying visits with no time limit

True story. The first time I tried this new service out was with a current client’s dog who tends to do “the slow stroll” on the way home (because he doesn’t want to go in). During our first un-timed visit, he started to do the same thing but there was a noticeable difference!

I said to him, “you can take as long as you want, there is no rush.” It seemed like giving him permission to take longer made him not want to do “the slow stroll” home.  He actually started to pick up the pace. Haha.

While I really meant what I said, I thought to myself maybe I have inadvertently applied some Reverse Psychology.  As I write this today, it occurred to me he may have picked up on my relaxed mindset.

We have always had a great visit but somehow this method seemed to make it that much better for everyone.

To sum it up, it is one of those moments you get that feeling of “ah, this is nice!” and then ask yourself “why didn’t I think of this sooner?”

Excited, Ready or Curious to try untimed visits?  Great!  You can book untimed visits for your trip.



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