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Ollie loves untimed walks
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I am the first pet sitter to offer untimed visits for pet sitting in the area!

What are untimed pet sitting visits?

Simply put these are visits where I don’t watch the clock. Instead, my barometer is a happy and content pet.

Untimed pet sit
Untimed feedback

How are un-timed pet sitting visits beneficial?

For you, you may not have to rush around in the morning or after work to take your dogs out. One customer said it took the stress off her (see pic for feedback).

How does it benefit your pet?

Some pets need more time to get their energy out and need some extra TLC or time to eat. This will give them the time they need so they feel content and happy!

Un-timed visits could save you money!

With the traditional timed visits, you may have been conditioned to think 30 minutes is all your pet needs. That may be true for some pets but not for others.

Time petsitting could also incur other fees! If a pet sitter who does timed visits has to stay longer for some reason you could be billed for the extra time. If I stay a few minutes extra, there is no additional fee.

A few customers are already enjoying these visits

True story. The first time I tried this new service out was with a current client’s dog who tends to do “the slow stroll” on the way home (because he doesn’t want to go in). During our first un-timed visit, he started to do the same thing but there was a noticeable difference!

I said to him, “you can take as long as you want, there is no rush.” It seemed like giving him permission to take longer made him not want to do “the slow stroll” home. He actually started to pick up the pace. Haha.

While I really meant what I said, I thought to myself maybe I have inadvertently applied some Reverse Psychology. As I write this today, it occurred to me he may have picked up on my relaxed mindset.

We have always had great visits but somehow this method seemed to make it that much better for everyone.

Excited, Ready, or Curious to try untimed visits? Contact me to get started!

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