The Best Human Grade Pet Treats of 2024

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Let’s dive into a topic that’s close to our fur babies’ tummies, Treats! My social media post made me realize how many people did not know that there are both feed-grade and human grade pet foods and treats. I will admit I did not know so many treat brands existed until I started researching them for my list of human grade pet treats.

I believe pet treats should have the same quality practices and ingredients as we want our food. That said, I spent many hours over the last few months researching pet treat companies and their ingredients to make a pet treat list.

The difference between feed-grade pet treats and human grade pet treats

Feed-grade pet treats and food are not regulated strictly and the type of ingredients allowed into them may not be legally allowed in food designed for people. For example, it can include chemicals, blood, fillers, and meat from 4D animals. I won’t go into details about what 4d meats are to spare you the disgusting details.

With human-grade cat or dog treats, you know exactly what’s in it—no sketchy fillers or mystery meats that you may find in feed grade. It’s made to human standards with ingredients you’d find in your own kitchen—quality meats, veggies and fruit.

Human grade pet treats made in the USA: a step to improving pet health 

These treats will not contain meat byproducts, or synthetic ingredients like propylene glycol, ethoxyquin, nitrates, preservatives, colors, flavors, or additives.

Human grade pet treats also have the potential for fewer allergens because Human-grade dog treats and cat treats typically avoid common allergens and fillers found in lower-grade options. This can be a game-changer in treats for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs.

My pet treat list will save you time and money

Unfortunately the least beneficial products can be used in the pet food industry, like the lower quality grain. However, human grade treats not only eliminate the quality issue. You will be at ease knowing that the treats are not contributing to pet health  issues like allergies, hot spots or lipomas

No more guesswork. If you are looking for the best human grade cat treats and the best organic dog treats, look no further. This list contains treats made with:

  • quality ingredients
  • ethically sourced ingredients
  • ingredients from the United States of America
  • batch testing on the ingredients or final product (so you do not need to worry about certain bacteria).

No wasting money on treats your pet won’t eat or you decide to throw them away after purchase because you did not like the ingredients or heard of other pets getting sick.

Types of Human Grade pet treats

I have included several types of treats for dogs, and cats, and 1 for birds. My pet treat list includes different styles of treats including:

  1. dog cookies or biscuits
  2. single-ingredient treats made from vegetables
  3. single-ingredient treats made from meat
  4. treats made with novel proteins
Human grade pet treats for your pet’s health issue or lifestyle

No matter your preference or pet’s health issues, I should have a treat that fits your pet’s needs. The types of treats will find are:

  • Organic Dog treats
  • Gluten Free dog treats
  • Gluten-free dog biscuits
  • Dog treats made with Oats
  • GF treats made with Sorghum
  • GMO free dog treats
  • Sustainably made dog treats
  • Single ingredient cat treats
  • Vegan pet treats
  • Dog and cat treats made from coconut
  • Ethically sourced cat treats
  • Humanely raised cat treats
  • Pet treats that support Fair Trade 

What is NOT in the pet treat list

You will not find the following: Wheat, dairy, whey, oils from palm, canola, safflower, soybean or cottonseed, GMO foods, Flavor like chicken or smoke flavor.

Purchasing my pet treat list

This is a digital product that you will download. Most companies have human grade ingredients and/or practices but not all.

To ensure you have the best experience, make sure you have a strong signal and fast speed on the device you want to download this document.

There are NO refunds for this product and it may only be downloaded once.

Please DO NOT SHARE or replicate this list. This list took many hours to make and is how I earn money.

Happy Trails & Wag’n Tails is 100% consumer supported.  No company paid to be on this list.

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