Testimonials from my Escondido and San Marcos Dog sitting, cat sitting and dog walking clients

“She is very caring towards our doggies and seems to really have good knowledge too. I like that you kept in touch and sent me photos. I was worried about Marley just because she is a senior dog with Vestibular syndrome but honestly, I felt very comfortable having you take care of them and I wasn’t nervous at all. I would definitely use your pet services again.” – Holly

“She was a lifesaver! She was so easy to work with and it was clear she made my dog’s health and happiness top priority. I had taken my dog (English Bulldog) to a boarding place a few times, and it was fine, but I can tell he was better taken care of and got more personal attention with Serena. Not to mention boarding is more expensive. Her updates were very helpful, too – both my dog and I learned some new things 🙂 ” – Rebecca – San Marcos Dog sitting client

“At first, I was nervous about hiring a dog walker. But she is such a great find. She visits my home three days a week to feed my puppy and give her a “potty break” while I’m at work.
She has never missed a day, and she always sends detailed email updates on how each visit went. Her emails describe how much food Maple ate, whether she went to the bathroom, and what kind of games they played. One time, She mentioned that Maple might have an ear infection, which I hadn’t noticed. I was so grateful to get Maple to the vet while the infection was still a minor one. It gives me peace of mind to know that Maple is in such good hands. I’ve gotten the same feeling from my personal interactions with her. She definitely has a special connection with Maple. I could tell right away that Maple felt comfortable with her, whereas she seemed nervous around the other dog walkers I considered. As for my home, I trust her completely, and I’ll often leave things like my Kindle or checkbook in plain view because I know she would never take our stuff. She also makes a point to use both our locks when she leaves, something I don’t even do. It’s another way that she goes above and beyond to keep our place secure. If you’re looking for a reliable dog walker or pet sitter, I highly recommend HTWT. She’ll treat your pet like her own” – Christine Vista CA

“She is an amazing pet sitter and loves our dog and cat! She has become part of our family. We have her come by for day visits if we will be gone for long periods or will stay overnight when traveling out of town. It is reassuring to know that our pets are taken care of so well and that she treats them like her own. She sends daily updates with photos. We know when we are away, there are no worries. Sometimes we think that we arrive back home, they are looking for her and wondering when she will return! Also, she offers great suggestions for treats, food, and products. She helped us find a better solution for natural wet food for our cat – who has kidney issues, the vet food was making her sick. Once we moved our cat to her suggestions, we have a healthier and happy cat! We are so happy we found her after moving here.” – Lisa La Costa, CA

“My first conversation with Serena, I gave her a background on my two dogs (border collie mix and Rhodesian ridgeback/pitbull- both BIG and VERY high energy), and what I was looking for and asked if she would come and meet my dogs, and myself. When she got to my house, my dogs IMMEDIATELY liked her. They both ran up to her and she welcomed them with open arms. Her attitude towards them made me comfortable as well. After spending that time with her, we decided to start walks two days later.
It has been about 5 months since I first met her and I honestly couldn’t be happier than I did. She is the most professional and caring dog walker I have EVER met. She follows all the rules I have in place for my dogs, the dogs love her and I know she truly loves the dogs and what she does. She is prompt and gives an email report of how my dogs were for that day. Her prices were more than fair and I am excited to have found her. Recently, we had some pretty bad fires by our house. My husband & I both were at work. I immediately called her and she was already heading to my house to walk the pups. I asked her if she could stay with them for a little longer until I could get off work and she agreed without hesitation. She then proceeded to stay in touch with me over the next couple of days with updates on the fires and to make sure we were safe. She was seriously a godsend! Overall, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a dog walker/sitter for their pups. She is the MOST responsible and caring person I have met in the industry to date.” Renee – San Marcos, CA

“I am very thankful or I should say my dog Starla is thrilled I found her. My dog dislikes strangers, she does not get along with other dogs, and it’s difficult to find anyone to watch her. I have taken her to boarding, but it’s very expensive and I hate putting her in my car (she weighs 100 lbs and sheds like crazy).
Well, last Christmas, I spoke with her on the phone, let her know what to expect with my dog, she did not shy from the task and came over to meet my dog. Not only did she feed and medicate Starla, SHE WAS ABLE TO GAIN HER TRUST TO GET HER HARNESS ON AND WALK HER.
I was ecstatic, I found a friend for Starla. I can’t give enough praise to the way I feel about Serena and her way with animals. During our trip, we got daily emails describing her visit, even sent some pictures. I can see she cares as much about our pets as we do. I think she even likes Starla more than I do.
Star cried for days after our vacation, because she missed her. They definitely bonded. So we decided to have her become our dog walker, because she really is Starla’s friend. I never thought I’d have a dog walker, but it’s the best thing we ever did for our dog.
She even noticed her ear was bothering her. I happened to be taking Starla to the vet and they found she had a foxtail in her ear. So I think she is excellent at her job, very attentive, and passionate about what she does. I have now used her for a couple of pet sittings now and the walks for 7 months and I feel confident in giving her a 5+ “star” rating.” Judy – La Costa, CA

San Marcos Dog sitting
San Marcos Dog sitting


“We also have a dog named Lucy, and we are very lucky to have found Serena! Our dog is a rescue and an absolute sweetheart, but has serious separation anxiety and doesn’t do well when anyone comes into our house when we’re not there (even family members who want to take her for a walk). Well, Lucy has taken to her because she not only allows her in the house, but she also lets her put on a harness and take her on a walk, which is a huge feat!! Thank you for being so good to our little Lucy. Lucy looks forward to seeing you soon!”- Samin (La Costa) Carlsbad, CA

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the services provided by Happy Trails & Wag’n Tails. I feel completely at ease when I’m away from home as I know that she really cares about my animals and she is passionate about her business. My two Aussies and my cat took to her immediately and I love the fact that she provides me with an update after each visit. I’ve also found that it is more cost-effective to have her come to the house versus putting the dogs in the kennel and I have to believe that my animals would rather be in their own home. Additionally, she brings in my mail and ensures that the house is secure. I highly recommend Happy Trails & Wag’n Tails.” – Sharon, Escondido, CA

“My experience with Happy Trails & Wag’n Tails was excellent. I recently used the service for in-home dog sitting. I am on the road a lot and, up until now, used a boarding service at a local veterinary clinic. Every time I returned to pick up my pitbull from the Vet she acted like a mental patient. I’m sure due to the stress of being cooped up in a 2X3 cell for days.
Upon my return from my last trip, she was excited and not visibly stressed as in the past. I attribute this to the fact that she was not caged with other stressed animals and that she received exceptional care and attention from Happy Trails & Wag’n Tails. Additionally, I had peace of mind about the security of my home. All in all, absolutely worth it. My new go-to for dog sitting.” – CR