Teflon free toaster ovens are safer for pet health

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Convection oven without non-stick coating

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I spent more than 20 hours searching for non-toxic countertop ovens specifically a Teflon free toaster oven after my countertop oven quit working. I went to various websites to read customer reviews, complaint boards, and calling companies.

In 2023 and 2024, I updated this blog with new research to reflect options for a Non Toxic Toaster Oven.

Toaster ovens without Teflon nonstick coating

In this blog, you will learn why going Teflon-free is important, how it is hurting your pet’s health, and several options for Teflon-free countertop ovens.

I know there are differences between toaster ovens and countertop ovens but let’s face the facts, many people still refer to it as a toaster oven. I know I call it a toaster oven. Sometimes once you get used to calling something by a particular name it just sticks. 🤓

Hidden dangers of PFAS chemicals in your Toaster ovens

As I was looking at ovens with the best ratings or all the bells & whistles, I quickly realized most had a non-stick interior that contained Teflon, PFOA, or PTFE (all are in a class of chemicals called PFAS, Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substance) and how it was having negative health effects on pets and people.

On June 4, 2019, the FDA confirmed that the nonstick chemicals in items such as our cookware, are contaminating our food and water. These chemicals can cause cancer, thyroid disease, liver damage, and more.

I know many people buy fresh dog food but for people who prefer to cook food for their pets, I think a teflon free toaster oven is essential.

Negative health effects of Teflon nonstick coating on birds and other pets

I found many comments on various websites stating birds have become ill or passed away from the use of non-stick ovens. Additionally, people have experienced flu-like symptoms. I found this information on multiple websites such as the website of the company that makes the Teflon coating and EWG (Environmental Working Group).

If this is what it’s doing to birds and people, I was NOT going to take a chance with my dog! To top it off, I’m sensitive to chemicals. Yeah, that’s not going to work. I’ll take ways to say no for $1000 Alex!

Identifying various forms of non-stick coating in ovens

Teflon is a trademark name and therefore it may be used in another form that you may not easily recognize. This stuff is everywhere folks. For example, it very well may be on the warming plate of your coffee maker.

One company uses Durastone II which contains Teflon particles. Another “well-known” company was very cryptic about what is in their non-stick coating. I understand wanting to protect your proprietary product or formulation but it’s that same lack of transparency that will make you lose customers wanting to know this information for health.

Toaster ovens without Prop 65 warnings

Prop 65 covers over 900 chemicals and is only required in California. If you see this warning, it could be something like lead in a cord, a chemical found in the oven “feet” or something else.

To reduce your risk, put it somewhere it does not need to be moved or unplugged often.

2024 Teflon free toaster oven options

1. One contender for my new oven was this steam convection oven with a stainless steel interior. As far as I could tell there was no non-stick interior, it had a lot of great reviews and a 5-year warranty. I was interested in it because steam is a healthy way to cook. I only decided against it because it was not in the budget at the time.

2. This COMPACT steam infused oven comes in 4 colors and is a retro-style teflon free toaster oven. It can air fry to broil. If you add water, it will steam-infuse your food. The temperature settings range from 200-450 degrees and will preheat in 2 minutes. It has space for 2 trays so you can bake more than one item and even fits a 4.5 lb chicken. The oven is free of PFAS, and the baking pan is aluminum with a ceramic coating.

3. 10-n-1 toaster oven that reaches 500 degrees:  This is the first countertop oven to reach 500 degrees that I found! This food-grade stainless steel oven has a capacity of 24 qt and fits 6 pieces of toast or a 12-inch pizza. The oven is equipped with new technology for rapid heating. The oven has many functions such as Air fry, air roast, Dehydrate, and sear crisp!

4. Pfas Free Air Fry Oven: This PFAS free nonstick Interior countertop oven is a 9-in-1 Teflon free toaster oven that can bake, broil, air fry, proof, dehydrate, slow cook, toast, warm, or make a pizza. It has an Led display and knobs vs buttons. You will be happy to know this company has been in the ceramic coating game for a long time since they are known for their non toxic cookware.

5. The same company makes a 13-in-1 countertop oven that can slow cook. Instead of buying two appliances, you start using the oven as a slow cooker! It has 6 heating elements, 1 cu. ft. interior, and has several cooking modes like Air Fry, Bake, Broil, Pizza, Roast, and dehydrate. It has a large display, with buttons and knobs, and comes in 3 colors. The oven comes with PFAS free nonstick baking pan, pfas free pizza pan, PFAS Free air fry basket, and a crumb tray.

teflon free toaster ovens
Convection oven without non-stick coating

6. Another option is this PFOA and PTFE free toaster oven. It comes in several color options to match your other appliances or add a punch of color.

** This specific model of the oven features a ceramic interior making it a Teflon free toaster oven! Note there is another one that looks the same but it has a Teflon interior. Also, they seem to have used the same ad verbiage for the Teflon-free oven BUT if you scroll down the ad, it does confirm it is a Teflon-free countertop oven.

In late 2021, I confirmed several of their newer ovens contain a ceramic nonstick coating that is PTFE/PFOA free. Many say it is safer than Teflon. From what I read Ceramic should not pose any risks as the coating would have to reach 900 degrees, which this oven only goes to 450 degrees.

Non toxic toaster ovens with Ceramic interior

Ceramic non-stick coating can be an alternative option to Teflon nonstick coatings. Several of my trusted resources choose ceramic as their nonstick coating of choice.

7.Non toxic Air fryer oven can also Convection bake, has 12 settings including proof and dehydrate, has an interior light, thermometer, and a 360-minute timer.

8. Teflon-free air fryer oven is similar to the one above but has 9 settings, no light, and a 120-minute timer.

9. Stainless Steel interior toaster oven without an air fry option comes with accessories like 2 racks, a pizza stone, and a 3-year warranty.

10.  Lead, Cadmium, and PFAS Free countertop oven: I emailed the company in April 2024 to confirm their ovens are Teflon-free. The customer representative I exchanged several emails with said this line of ovens is Tefon Free.  Their listing description says  “The interior walls of the oven, baking pan, air fry basket, & crumb tray are coated in our PFAS-free nonstick for simple cleaning. The oven fits 6 slices of bread, 4 lb chicken, or a 12-inch pizza. The interior walls and crumb tray are galvanized steel, the baking pan is aluminized steel, and the oven rack and fry basket are chrome-plated steel.

11. If you want a smaller or less expensive oven from the same company as above, check out this ceramic interior countertop oven.

PFOA Free and PTFE free Countertop oven

12. A customer brought this high-end PFOA and PTFE free Convection oven to my attention. If you own other high-end appliances and like the quality, now you can own a compact version! It has 6 cooking modes, an inside light, fits 9 x 13 dishes, comes in 3 colors, has a temperature probe, and has a 5-year warranty. I read a lot of reviews and many customers seem to love it as their main oven and even use it as their secondary oven when cooking holiday dinners.

13. PFOA air fry oven: this 10-n-1 oven comes in 6 color options. It features a new heating technology that I have never seen used in a Teflon free toaster oven. It features a PTFE/PFOA Free baking and drip pan and a PFOA air fry basket that is chrome-plated steel. It has 10 preset digital functions including Air Fry, broil, Roast, Warm, Slow Cook, and Dehydrate. It has a 26-quart capacity and. should reduce your cooking time by 25%.

14. PFAS free Countertop Double Oven: Get the power of 2 ovens while taking up 1 counter space. You can cook 2 things at once at two different temperatures! If you have ever needed a thermometer for cooking, no problem. This teflon free toaster oven comes with one to help you cook your food to the precise temperature you want. The interior is supposed to be steel with no coating. It features 12 cooking functions including air fry, pizza, air roast, and dehydrate. You can cook 6 pounds of wings and a 12-inch pizza. It comes with 2 Wire Racks, 2 Sheet Pans, a removable crumb Tray, and an Air Fry Basket.   **April 2024 I called Ninja to ask them about their ovens. The representative that I talked to claimed their ovens are Teflon Free.  However, some websites say their other ovens like the Foodi versions DO have Teflon.

Toxic-free ways to clean your oven

While looking at my freshly cut lime, I thought this would make a perfect little scrubber. I put some baking soda on the lime to clean the glass door. After letting it sit for approximately 30 minutes, it came off with ease.

Teflon free Toaster oven Broiler pan set and Toaster oven Muffin pan

My only dislike with some of the ovens is the pans that come with the Teflon free toaster ovens. Often they are aluminum, which I prefer not to cook with.

To avoid the aluminum, I bought a Stainless Steel Broil and Roast Set. Why? If I want to cook burgers and fries, I don’t want the burger or fries cooking in grease. With the broiler pan, the grease drips through the grate into the below pan.

I plan to get this 3 Piece Toaster Oven Baking Pan Set with ceramic coating to make cookies, bread, and muffins. Having a non-toxic loaf pan and muffin pan was essential for me to make Gluten-Free banana bread and muffins. These toaster oven pans are PTFE-free, PFOA-free, PFOS-free, and Lead-free.

Get it while it’s hot!
Excited and want to get your new oven in a hurry? You may want to try Amazon Prime’s 30-Day Free Trial. You’ll get free 2-day shipping! For deep discounts on kitchen gadgets check out their open box items. Many are in good shape but may have a scratch or a missing manual.

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  1. Cate

    I just had another conversation with customer service and now they say it is ceramic interior!! The Model is 224

    1. Happy Trails & Wag'n Tails

      That is great news. For future reference, any products I recommend on this blog, other blogs, or on my product page are all things I personally use and/or have researched for hours (including contacting customer service).

  2. Cate

    I just had another conversation with cs and now they say it is ceramic interior!!

  3. Cate

    Number 1 above has a Teflon interior. I spoke with Kitchenaid after receiving my order because it doesn’t look like a ceramic interior. The customer service person I spoke with told me it’s not pfa free and stated that the Teflon coating was safe as long as the temperature didn’t exceed 660 degrees.

    They said there was no significant decomposition at temperatures lower than that.

    I’m trying to stay away from Teflon but maybe this is okay. I won’t exceed 400 degrees and the unit doesn’t reach 660 but was does significant mean?

    1. Happy Trails & Wag'n Tails

      I ALSO spoke with Customer Service before recommending these ovens and I was told the ones listed ARE teflon-free and have a ceramic interior. To confirm, can you tell me which model # you bought?

  4. Bette

    Did you look into the
    Mueller toaster oven
    ? Am not sure specifically what the interior would be – stainless steel or something else. Regards.

    1. Happy Trails & Wag'n Tails

      If memory serves correctly I looked at a previous version and it had zinc on the interior. For that reason, I didn’t explore this brand.

  5. Kath

    Thank you so much for doing this work. I have a chronic illness and wouldn’t have been able to face it. Yay to you!

  6. Nancy

    The link to Amazon clearly states Interior Features Include Non Stick Coating Non-stick interior allows for easy cleaning of your oven’s cooking area.

    Please be careful about what you recommend, I almost bought this based on your recommendation!

    1. All of the Toaster Ovens, Countertop Ovens, and Air fryer ovens are Teflon Free. I am very comfortable with my recommendations as I spent over 20 hours researching this topic.

      My research included Calling companies/manufacturers, reading reviews, and complaint boards. I mention this at the top of my blog hoping it would calm any hesitations people may have but it may have gone unnoticed.

      Note: the company is not always the seller on Amazon, it could be a re-seller. I have found many sellers write a very general description.

  7. stella

    Can you tell me the name of the high end toaster oven you suggested in your article? Or include a link? The Amazon link it takes you to is for a mixer.
    I have spent so much time lookinng for a toxic free toaster/convection oven and have not had any luck. I did see the $399 oven but thats a bit out of my price range and all but one color is sold out. Thank you, I appreciate your information and research.

    1. Happy Trails & Wag'n Tails

      Hi. The high end oven links to 2 products, which is more expensive than the $399 teflon free countertop oven. Unfortunately, it seems all the prices have gone up on the ovens, all of which is out of my control.

  8. Nancy

    I looked up the pfoa free one you have recommended and it clearly states that the interior is nonstick.

    1. Happy Trails & Wag'n Tails

      My blog and the AD, clearly state this *version* is PFOA/PTFE free not non-stick free. The coating is NOT Teflon.

  9. B

    Thanks for the information, but, when clicking on your second link called “PFOA Free Oven” it pecifically says this in its description:

    “the oven cavity also features a non-stick coating for easy cleaning”

    1. Happy Trails & Wag'n Tails

      If you look just below the cavity comment it says this specific version (275) is a PFOA free & PTFE free oven.

      It appears that when they posted the ad that they used the same exact verbiage and pictures as another model (273) that does have a teflon non- stick coating.

  10. Pli

    Your post is really amazing. You have discussed the matter details. Thanks for the sharing your helpful blog.

    1. Happy Trails & Wag'n Tails

      Thank you for letting me know! I’ve been searching for other options since one of the ovens seems to be sold out on Amazon. This one seems to be the “Cadillac” of ovens. Foodies will be able to bring out their inner chef using this oven. For those with other high-end appliance in their kitchen, this will fit in nicely aesthetically and give them the quality that they are used to.

      1. Connie

        The convection oven has a galvanized interior. Isnt zinc dangerous? I had that oven picked out until I read that. I have birds.

        1. Happy Trails & Wag'n Tails

          Hi Connie. I was lead to believe it was stainless steel. As it turns out, others commented the also thought it was ss. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I will be removing that oven immediately. I have several other ovens listed, I hope one of the toaster ovens work for your birds!!

        2. Happy Trails & Wag'n Tails

          It looks like the other ovens are sold out except the PFOA free toaster oven. **please only get the Exact version I linked to as this one does NOT have the teflon interior. I mention this b/c there is another version that looks exactly the same but it HAS a Teflon coated interior.

        3. Mara

          which convection oven has the galvanized interior (zinc)? Thank you.

  11. K. Ruth

    Hello—the links aren’t working. Can’t you please just include the name of your recommended oven ??? My son & husband have cancer, I really don’t want to jeopardize their health any more. Thanks.

    1. Happy Trails & Wag'n Tails

      I checked the links and they are working! Perhaps you can try a different browser or computer if you are experiencing issues.

  12. Name (required)


    I have a question about Gourmia S200 oven. It says it has interior stainless steel for easy cleaning. So steel only for easy cleaning purposes not for health reasons? Would you please shed some light on this oven. Is it really worth buying such expensive oven? It is really stainless steel? I would appreciate it. Thanks

  13. Tiffany

    It is always good to consider out pets one in a while.

  14. Valerie

    The links are working now! 🙂
    Thanks so much – have been going crazy trying to find a counter top oven without a non-stick interior!
    Literally web searching over 4 hours before I came across your site – you have saved my sanity. 🙂

    1. Happy Trails & Wag'n Tails

      Valerie, I’m so happy I could help! I tried to cover as much as possible hoping people likes us wouldn’t have to search for hours for an answer. Could you tell me, were you going to websites directly looking at ovens or doing a “Google search”? I’d love the feedback so I could “tweak” my blog if necessary to help the next person. Thank you for your input 🙂

    2. Jane

      Ditto to everything Valerie said. And another BIG thank you!

      1. Happy Trails & Wag'n Tails

        I’m glad your search is over. Which oven did you choose?

  15. James McRitchie

    Says you bought a budget convection oven for now but although it appears to be linked, the link didn’t work for me and it certainly isn’t named.

  16. J Anderson

    Saw your comment on the Breville toaster oven on Amazon and couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought about the non-stick interior problem. So I came here to your blog and appreciate the info, but am confused — I don’t see where you name which oven you bought in the blog entry above? Help solve the mystery! 🙂

    1. Happy Trails & Wag'n Tails

      Thank you for the comment as I had no idea my links where not working. The blog is now fixed, please come back to read about the few ovens I suggested.