How we’re being tricked when buying Eco friendly sheets

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Dog hair resistant sheets

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What if I told you that companies are misleading us or omitting information to sell us so-called sustainable or eco friendly sheets? I’ll admit it, I thought bamboo sheets were eco-friendly sheets…but I was wrong!

In honor of Earth Day, I wanted to share with you some of their “dirty secrets” so you can make more informed purchases. Also, give you some feedback on the earth-friendly bedding I have been using for a while. Hint, it was the best decision ever and several customers agree!

Bamboo sheets are NOT eco-friendly

It’s true many bamboo sheets are not environmentally conscious products. How? Let’s start with the original definition of eco-friendly which was “not harmful to the environment.”

While bamboo may be grown without chemicals, they are used in the manufacturing process to break down the fibers and the dye used to color your sheets could contain heavy metals like lead. Even worse the manufacturer may introduce chemicals to the surrounding environment. Next, if the bamboo comes from China it may be exposed to more chemicals during import or export if the shipping container has been fumigated.

Finally, many bamboo products are not 100% bamboo. Bamboo towels and sheets are often made from a mix of bamboo and other materials.

5 ways these eco friendly sheets are better for the planet

Dog hair resistant sheets
Dog hair friendly sheets

Don’t worry pet owners, these sheets are safe for your pets! These sheets do not contain the oil that could be harmful to pets. This bedding is made from the wood of the Eucalyptus tree.

1) eucalyptus trees use 97% less water than cotton

2) they don’t use plastic in their packaging

3) they’re Oeko-Tex Certified sheets, which means chemicals are limited from growing to production

4) their manufacturing process is closed looped which means they do not expose the surrounding environment

5) Only 1 chemical {given a safety rating of B by EWG} is used to make your sheets whereas other companies or types of sheets may use several harsh chemicals

Eucalyptus Sheet review

It’s official, the left corner tag on these sustainable sheets have ruined all other sheets for me. My 2nd favorite thing about these sheets is that they regulate temperature! I felt like I slept cooler in the summer with these sheets whereas my bamboo sheets made me feel hot. During the winter, I didn’t wake up cold because my new sheets kept me warm enough!

3rd they make me want to do “sheet angels.” It’s like snow angels but in my bed. I do this to get the full effect of the softness of the sheets and it makes me giggle. Going to bed happy is a good way to go to sleep.

I am not the only one who likes these sheets. They have been featured in Real Simple, BuzzFeed, Gizmodo, Inc, Fortune, and Forbes.

As for any dislike, the sheets can get a bit wrinkled after washing. However, I figured out how to get rid of some of the wrinkles withOut using any kind of chemicals! Shake out and dry each of the sheets separately. Finally, I run my hands over each sheet after I put them on. Now I have almost completely wrinkle-free sheets.

Cat hair resistant sheets
Eco friendly sheets

Pet hair resistant sheets

Dog hair don’t care is my thought when it comes to my clothes but not my sheets. I was told by the CEO, during our phone call, that these are dog hair-resistant sheets. One of my dog customers told me “Dog hair has not been a problem. We have many sheet sets, but since we bought 2 sets of these sheets, they are the only ones we use.”

Pet-friendly throw blanket

This company has other bedding besides sheets! They have a chemical-free dog blanket. Technically they don’t call it a dog blanket, it is a throw blanket. If I was a betting person, I’m sure your dog or cat will happily take the blanket for themselves.

They offer 2 versions, a regular chemical free throw blanket (600 gsm, 60×50, colors: white and grey) and a heavy throw blanket (800 gsm, 72 L x 50 W, 4 colors: yellow, white, sage green, and light blue).

Dog hair resistant duvet

They also offer an eco-friendly duvet cover. Since it is made from the same lyocell material as the sheets, it may be your new go-to as a pet hair-friendly duvet cover.

Please note my discount code works on ALL of their bedding items, not just the sheets!

I hope you found these insights helpful. Sleep well and enjoy your new bedding!

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  1. Lisa

    Thank you for all the information…. I had no idea there even were eucalyptus sheets. I had heard of the bamboo though. When i’m in the market for sheets i will definitely keep the link and check these out. Thanks again. 😀

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