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Stainless Steel Dog Bowls
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My last blog about the health benefits of lead-free pet bowls was almost complete except I still had a few questions about these stainless steel dog bowls. I reached out to the owner and he was kind enough to schedule a call with me to answer those questions. The cherry on top was he offered to send me some USA made dog bowls to “test” out. How awesome is that?! I was already convinced these bowls were the best dog bowls but now I can share my thoughts after actually using them for a while.

As an added bonus, I included cleaning tips, and how to get rid of bacteria and viruses. Finally, a video to demonstrate how many cups these dog bowls can hold. My dog had other plans so it turned into a Blooper video {located below for laughs}.

Non-toxic stainless steel dog or cat bowls

One of the reasons that I initiated my dog bowl search was I wanted them to be free of heavy metals such as lead, and mercury. During my research, I was reminded that bowls can have other harmful things that you would never even think of like Radioactive material. Yes, in 2012 pet bowls from Petco had been recalled for radioactive material.

Anyone can claim certain benefits, like lead-free, but this company backs it up by sharing their third-party laboratory test results for their dog and cat bowls.

Unboxing China Free Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

Gorgeous Stainless Steel Dog Bowls
Dog bowls NOT made in China

The box was smaller than I expected but that was because these bowls outer edges didn’t flare out like our former bowls, pictured in my lead-free blog. Each item was individually wrapped for protection and I liked the sticker that was used to tape the bubble wrap. When I set my new bowls next to my old bowls, I thought “Wow, these are pretty!” It may sound weird since they are bowls but look at them. Gorgeous right?

These stainless steel bowls are made in the USA and proudly stamped as such on the bottom of the bowls. Inside the box was Use and Care instructions to help you take care of your new bowls. Also, a note was enclosed thanking me for my purchases and stated his satisfaction guarantee. I felt like the hand-signed note by the owner was a nice touch!

USA made cat bowls and puppy bowls

These pet bowls are offered for both cats and dogs. They do not have a rubber ring around the bottom but that could be a good thing. Rubber rings have become a choking hazard for some puppies or dogs who like to chew. The alternative is they have a bowl holder or mat to help prevent sliding.

The dog bowls come in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large, or a mixture of sizes such as 1 medium and 1 large bowl. All of the following measurements are without filling them completely to the top rim. Small dog bowls: 1.5 cups, Medium bowls: 3 cups, Large dog bowls: 6 cups, Extra Large bowls: 12 cups. For people who are used to rubber around the bottoms of the bowls, they have a silcone sleeve or bowl cozy.

BEST Rust-resistant stainless steel dog water bowl

I have had these bowls for several months and have not seen any signs of rust or mold. Stainless steel is rust-resistant but not rust-proof. To prevent rust, you can hand wash them with dish soap, ideally without harsh chemicals, and dry them off daily. I read they are dishwasher safe too.

Caring for your Lead-free dog bowls
Viruses can live for 3 days on Stainless steel bowls
Viruses can live for 3 days on bowls

Cleaning: After every meal, the bowls get rinsed out and dried off. Additionally once a week I use my steam mop attachment to sanitize & disinfect them. Why? The water in most households is not hot enough to kill bacteria. For more information on killing “germs” with steam, please read our steam mop blog.

Scratching: I only used a nylon spoon when I needed to mix his grain-free dog food and his two heavy metal detox powders (see green detox drink). I noticed light swirl marks in his food bowl. I wish they weren’t there but the bowls still look good!

Polishing: I tried one of the recommended methods of polishing with vinegar and baking soda to remove smudges. My first attempt didn’t work for me but maybe I didn’t leave it on long enough or because it was more of a soup than paste because I added too much vinegar. Attempt #2 I tried the baking soda paste again and that worked great!

Rotating bowls: A tip that the company shared was if you primarily use one for food and the other for water, it is a good idea to rotate them on occasion. I am SO glad he brought this up as I more than likely would have kept them as strictly as a food bowl and the other as a water bowl.

Elevated feeders vs. Dog bowl holders

It seems there is still much debate about whether raised feeders are beneficial to your pet or not. I choose not to go with this option but I did find out that if you contact the company with your measurements, the owner will be able to tell you if his bowls will fit your current feeder.

Bowl sliding: These bowls do not have a rubber ring on the bottom of the bowls to prevent them from sliding around. This could be a good thing if you have a dog or puppy that chews. Now they have nothing to rip or ingest. They also have a non-skid mat to place the bowls on. I watched a video showing the bowls being pushed hard but they did not move.

Bowl holder: I decided to go with the non-skid bowl holder. My results are the bowls stayed in place if the floor was dry. If the floor was wet, because sometimes my dog can be a sloppy drinker, his bowls did move around a little bit. There was a one-time event in which he jumped the bowl out of the bowl holder. I believe it was the first day he got to eat his new dog food. I guess that really says he loved his new food!

Overall I am really happy with these bowls and I hope you will be too.

Bonus: We seem to be good at creating bloopers. I’m beginning to think this is “our thing.” Lol. Watch as I fumble over my words and my dog walks into the scene mid-shoot to try out his new bowls.

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