pet Sitter

Professional pet care in YOUR home

In home pet care is different than boarding in many ways, such as it is less stressful.

Your pet is home with familiar smells, sounds, and surroundings which will help keep stress down. Also, it allows you to create a personalized plan so your pet(s) can keep their routine while you are out of town. Finally, petsitting can be cheaper than boarding!

cat playing with tree on a string

How? Boarding costs are generally more than the daily fee. Often you will have to pay for check-ups prior to boarding, vaccines, extra day charges because you can’t meet their pick up or drop off time, etc…

With petsitting, you avoid many of these fees and extra travel. My in-home pet care may be used for cat sitting, dog sitting, or pet care for other caged animals.

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Comparing apples to apples vs. apples and oranges

What your are getting for the price:

Pet health knowledge: I share health tips I’ve learned through my continued education

15+ years of pet care experience, Same pet sitter every visit

Someone who shows up every time and stays the full visit

Focus on your pet, not the clock

Peace of mind: PRICELESS!

Crofton Pet sitting service visits include:

terrier dinner was good
  • feeding
  • fresh water
  • playtime and/or walk
  • scoop litter box
  • bring in mail
  • give your pets their supplements. Please note: I do not provide injections
  • daily text updates which may include some photos of your pets
  • I monitor them and take breaks as needed to make sure they do not get too hot
  • last but not least…a lot of love and belly rubs

Pet sitting service options

Taking a break during our walk
  1. Untimed visit: I am the first to offer this service in this area. Simply put I don’t focus on the clock during our visit. Your happy and content pet is my barometer.

To give you a time estimate, visits are about 40 minutes long. 

*Visit minimums: Cats – 1 visit p/day. Dogs – 2 visits p/day.

Price: $30+ per visit

2. Hourly pet sitting: Beneficial for pets who are used to having someone home with them regularly. For example, a pet owner who works from home. Ideal for multiple pets.

$40 per hour

Miscellaneous fees apply under certain circumstances. To avoid extra fees such as consultation, key pick up or return, holiday fees, etc..please read the FAQ page.