Dog walker

Dog walking service

Your dog is walked in your own neighborhood.

My goal is to build an ongoing and happy relationship between myself and your dog. With regular walks, it helps build trust and your dog’s walk will be more enjoyable.

True story, one of the dogs on this page wouldn’t let me take them for a walk or at least very far the first few times. A short time later, we were walking all over the neighborhood.

Maple took a break during our walk

Dog walking is a good way to break up your pet’s day and expend some energy.

Your dog will:

  • Have a potty break
  • Go for a private dog walk
  • Playtime for dogs who are not into walking and have a fenced yard
  • Love and belly rubs
  • Same dog walker everyday
  • Daily text update to let you know how our visit went.

Dog walks can be great for dogs who need some company throughout the day.

3 benefits for dog owners

  1. Less Stress: no need to rush  around before, during or after work to make sure your dog is able to go potty while you were gone.
  2. More free time: now you can have lunch with friends, run errands or come home and relax after a long days work.
  3. Less problems: hopefully after they got some of their energy out, they will not destruct stuff or spend time barking.

“Dogs that get adequate exercise have far fewer health and behavior problems than dogs who are sedentary.” – Dr Becker

Dog Walking visit details

Large dog enjoying his walk

Dog walking services are performed Monday – Friday from 10:30 am – 2:30 pm {Excluding certain holidays}. Walks outside of this timeframe are considered pet sitting.

Dog walk: 1 thirty-minute walk for 1 dog $23. *Minimum 2 walks a week

Additional time: add an additional ten minutes to your dogs walk.  $5

Monthly dog walking: Five days a week (M-F), thirty minute walk each day, all month long. *Price is based on 20 walks. Payment is due on the first of the month $440

Miscellaneous fees: To avoid fees for things such as consultation, key pickup or drop off and the like, please read my faq page.