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Dog Food

Non-toxic dog bed & cat bed

Non-toxic dog Toys

Dog Vitamins & Supplements

Dog Joint Supplement

Holistic Hot Spot Spray

Natural Dog Shampoo

Organic Flea & Tick

Lead-Free dog bowls & Radioactive-Free cat bowls

Pet Oral Care

Dog Dental Treats

Pet Stain Remover

Dog DNA Test

Pet Id Tags & Harness

Teflon Free Appliances and other healthy gadgets

Eco-friendly cleanings supplies

Non-toxic Mattress and bedding


My new favorite book: Is this about pet health? No however certain information shared can be applied to pets. Additionally, an item I formerly thought was safe for pets is not safe for them or us. Read this book on Kindle with an Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial
Food is medicine: There are many foods & herbs that will help with kidney issues, joint problems, cancer prevention and more. If you follow me on IG, you will see how I incorporate these things into my dog’s diet. He is a happy & willing participate who is enjoying the benefits. 🙂

Dog food

*I prefer to use companies that privately manufacture their food. Why? In 2007 hundreds of brands of dog foods were caught in a recall because they used 1 of the 2 major manufacturers.

With companies who privately manufacture their food, they tend to work closely with their suppliers, maintain quality control because it is in their own facility and batch test their food BEFORE they release it for sale.

Raw dog food: The brand has several varieties and types of food for dogs and cats such as freeze-dried or frozen Raw meal, meal add-in to be added to kibble and kibble. I used the frozen or freeze-dried.

Dehydrated raw dog food: Several varieties available including grain free food available for dogs and cats!

Chemical Free Cat Bed & Dog bed

A study on pet beds showed they had lead, bromine, and 16 other chemcials. Another study showed pets had 48 of 70 chemicals tested in their systems with cats having 23% higher in flame retardants. Here you have several options of styles and sizes of dog beds and cat beds. For your own non-toxic mattress, scroll down for suggestions.

Eco-friendly dog toys

Safer Dog Toys: Latex-free, BPA-and-phthalate-free, non-toxic, and FDA-compliant. Made in the USA from US sourced material. Replacement Guarantee, different shapes, and sizes. Treat toys, fetch toys and tug toys.

Dog Vitamins & Pet supplements

This supplement can help remove heavy metals: Mercury can be in many things including pet vaccines and their pet food bowls. Mercury can fuel viruses, bacteria, cancer and may be a contributing factor to seizures.

Liver detox: Here is a liquid herbal remedy. Our liver does a lot to protect us. I always did this for my dog twice a year for 28 days. It can be beneficial for many dogs but especially if your dog has been on a lot of prescription medicine.

Dog multivitamin: Organic full spectrum supplement made with herbs & vegetables

Dog Supplement tool: get customized recommendations for your dog using this tool!

Colon support: If your dog has digestive issues like reflux, constipation, diarrhea or IBS, this will be helpful! I have used it myself since I had it on hand and it helped me every single time! *If used on a regular basis vs as needed, it should help deal with the underlying issue causing your pets digestive problems.

Herbal digestive supplement: similar to the above supplement but comes in a powdered form to help address gastrointestinal issues.

Ear infections remedy: can be used internally on its own and externally if mixed with olive oil for ear infections. Check out my Instagram for benefits and more details!

Cat probiotic: Liquid probiotic, Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan. NO: Corn or Yeast. Comes in a glass bottle formulated for cats.

Dog probiotic (liquid): Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan. NO: Corn or Yeast. Comes in a glass bottle formulated for dogs.

Dog probiotic (powder): Organic, GMO-free powder probiotic specifically formulated for dogs by a holistic vet.

Rescue Remedy (for Pets):Alcohol-free homeopathic remedy for stress. *I suggested this to a neighbor who’s dog was reactive (barking & lunging) on the leash. Once she implemented this remedy, she said her dog was much more pleasant to other dogs while on a walk, which decreased her stress as well.☺️

Sovereign silver: (Some may refer to it as colloidal silver) Sovereign silver helps fight back against viruses, bacterial issues and supports gums and teeth. I have used it on myself for an ear infection. *Dosing for dogs & cats based on weight included on the packaging.

Aloe: Many aloe gels you find in the store near the sunscreen contain other ingredients not beneficial for your pet. This organic aloe has no additives and is cold pressed. Aloe Benefits: one of the oldest remedies for many ailments. Taken internally, it helps with reflux, IBS and other digestive disorders, circulation, elimination, inflammation, and pain. Applied Topically, it can soothe rashes, bug bites, wounds, itchy skin and applied to your teeth and gums for healing or killing bacteria.

Dog lipoma supplements & herbal remedies: Here is a list of all the things I used to successfully shrink my dog’s lipoma! Also, lipoma diet tips.

Dog cancer supplements & holistic remedies: Top tips from many veterinarians across the country.

Dog Joint Supplement

Green Lipid Mussel: Green-lipped mussel provides the nutrients necessary to maintain hip, joint and connective tissue such as joint cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and synovial fluids. *Both my dog and a neighbors dog were able to get up and around better when using this supplement.

Canine Joint Formula (Liquid):Joint supplement for the dogs who don’t like to take their pills.

Hemp chews: Money back guarantee, Organic, grain & gluten free. No: Soy, dairy, corn or sugar. Not heat processed/cooked. Chew contains glucosamine, chondroitin, turmeric, MSM and green lipid mussel.

Non-toxic hot spot spray

First aid and hot spot spray: I bought this for my dog in case he got an owie but I ended up using it when I had cut myself. I also used it when I was scratched by a cat I was trying to evacuate during a fire. After using this my scratches healed quickly and no scar.

Natural Dog Shampoo

Green Tea and Bergamot, 16-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2) I ❤ this stuff! If it was sold as air diffuser, I would buy it and I don’t generally use any of that stuff in my house. My dog and I both don’t care for particular smells but this is one of the few things he will NOT turn his nose away from.

Organic Flea and Tick Preventatives

Flea shampoo: formulated by a holistic vet and herbalist, this shampoo will repeal fleas without the need for topical flea treatments aka spot on’s.

Organic Tick Spray: Non-toxic plant-based tick spray formulated by a holistic veterinarian and herbalist. It works in conjunction with the above flea Shampoo.

Natural Flea Spray: kills fleas, mites, and lice. You will have to like the smell of cedar as that is the predominant oil in this spray!

Lead-free Mercury Free pet products

Dog food bowls made in the USA: These stainless steel pet food bowls are: lead-free, mercury-free, cadmium free, china free and radioactive-free. They are available for cats too!

Natural Pet Oral Care
Pet gel: Aloe vera based gel that can be rubbed on teeth and gums to fight plaque, bad breath and sooth sores or abrasions in your pet’s mouth.

Dog Dental Treats & “cookies”

Toothbrush shaped treat: Other shapes & sizes available! GMO, Gluten & Corn free, No artificial coloring. The green coloring comes from alfalfa and the orange coloring is from fruit.

Dental Chews: No wheat gluten, corn starch or synthetic chlorophyll. Different sizes and flavors available, I picked cherry since it has pain fighting properties.

Dog treats: treats with turmeric

Pet Stain Remover

Pet Stain and Odor Eliminator: I have used this for years to clean up accidents or spills from coffee. This is a concentrate that will last you a long time. You mix it 8:1. I put one cap of the solution in a spray bottle with 8 cap fulls of warm water, shake and spray. One bottle has lasted me years but I should note there have not been many accidents.

Dog DNA Test

Dog DNA Test: Two test options available: 1) Test for 350 breeds and 2) 350 breeds & 150 health conditions. Home kit: Simply swab your dog and mail the sample in the prepaid envelope to get your results.

Pet Id tag

pet identification: Get an id tag for pet that looks like a drivers license.

Dog harness

This front & back clip harness is the harness I used for years with my dog and with a few clients dog. No chafing or hair loss was experienced.

This multi-use harness has a “handle” to help you assist a dog in getting up and has padding in several areas. this one is great for people who like to go hiking with their dogs

Healthy appliances and gadgets

Water bottle for you And your dog I can drink from the straw and my dog can drink from the “bowl” on top.

Toaster Oven WithOut non-stick interior: Hidden dangers of non-stick coating and how it affects pets. 4 recommendations for Teflon free ovens to buy.

Hi-speed blender: BPA Free & Bps free container, Engineered & assembled in the USA, 8-year warranty for personal blenders (10 years for professional blenders), Blades are 80% thicker and 10 times stronger than other blades. Smaller and lighter than this popular blender, great at blending frozen fruit, dates and nut butter. The best thing, for me, is you don’t have to stand there holding the container while it is operating!

Steamer insert: This nickel-free stainless steel insert will help you cook the healthiest food possible.

Eco-friendly cleanings supplies

Steam mop that does not require you to buy chemical filled cartridges! Pet-friendly and non-toxic cleaning. The attachments allow you to clean more than your floors! Learn more about the creative ways I use my steam mop and the health reason I use this to clean my dog’s bowls.

Cleaning solution: this concentrate can be made into all-purpose cleaner, degreaser and window cleaning solution. *I have used this to remove sap on the hood of my vehicle without removing the paint!

Cleaning paste: removes stubborn stains in your sink or shower. *I have used this for years and will not change

Eco-friendly laundry: comes in liquid or powder, scented and unscented. *I have used this for almost a decade and love it. No powder residue left on my clothes.

Laundry booster: powder to remove stains and help brighten your clothes.

Non-toxic bedroom
Non-toxic bed, bed frame, pillows, and sheets. Many chemicals can be found in your bedding and could directly effect the health of you and your pet. In this blog, I help you find healthier options.

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