San Marcos CA dog walker pet product recommendations

My new favorite bookIs this about pet health? No however certain information shared can be applied to pets. Additionally an item I formerly thought was safe for pets, is not safe for them or us. Read this book on Kindle with a Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial

Food is medicine: There are many foods & herbs that will help with kidney issues, joint problems, cancer prevention and more. If you follow me on IG, you will see how I incorporate these things into my dogs diet. He is a happy & willing participate who is enjoying the benefits. 🙂

Organic Dog Vitamins

Dog multivitamin Organic full spectrum supplement made with herbs & vegetables

Non-toxic hot spot spray

First aid and hot spot spray: I bought this for my dog incase he got an owie but I ended up using it when I had cut myself.

Natural Dog Shampoo

Green Tea and Bergamot, 16-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2) I ❤ this stuff! If it was sold as air diffuser, I would buy it and I don’t generally use any of that stuff in my house. My dog and I both don’t care for particular smells but this is one of the few things he will NOT turn his nose away from.

Organic Flea and Tick Preventatives

Flea shampoo: formulated by a holistic vet and herbalist, this shampoo will replea fleas without the need for topical flea treatments aka: spot on’s.

Organic Tick Spray: Non toxic plant based tick spray formulated by a holistic veterinarian and herbalist. It works in conjunction with the above flea Shampoo.

Natural Flea Spray: kills fleas, mites and lice. You will have to like the smell of cedar as that is the predominant oil in this spray!

Lead-free Mercury Free dog products

This supplement can help remove heavy metals. Mercury can be in many things including pet vaccines and their pet food bowls. Mercury can fuel viruses, bacteria, cancer and may be a contributing factor to seizures.

Dog food bowls made in the USA: These stainless steel pet food bowls are: lead free, mercury free, cadmium free, china free and radioactive free. They are available for cats too!

Dog Dental Treats
Toothbrush shaped treat, 17 Per Bag Other shapes & sizes available! No artificial coloring. The green coloring comes from alfalfa and the orange coloring is from Annatto fruit.

Dental Chews No wheat gluten, corn starch or synthetic chlorophyll. 3 flavors available. I picked cherry since it has pain fighting properties.

Braided Bully Sticks – Free Range – Odor Free!! One client has fed bully sticks to her dogs all their life and they have no “doggie breath” and their teeth look great!

About this brand: The cattle are raised in Argentina on ecologically responsible family ranches and are always grass-fed. Virtually Odor-Free and free of harsh chemical such as bleach and formaldehyde. Products are USDA certified and inspected and tested by the FDA and Customs.

Natural Pet Oral Care
Pet GelAloe vera based gel that can be rubbed on teeth and gums to fight plague, bad breath and sooth sores or abrasions in your pets mouth.

Dog Joint Supplement

Green Lipid Mussel: Green-lipped mussel provides the nutrients necessary to maintain hip, joint and connective tissue such as joint cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and synovial fluids.

Canine Joint FormulaLiquid joint supplement for the dogs who don’t like to take their pills.

Pet Stain Remover

Pet Stain and Odor Eliminator
I have used this for years to clean up accidents or spills from coffee. This is a concentrate that will last you a long time. You mix it 8:1. I put one cap of solution in a spray bottle with 8 cap fulls of warm water, shake and spray. One bottle has lasted me years but I should note there have not been many accidents.

Healthy appliances and gadgets

Water bottle for you And your dog.I can drink from the straw and my dog can drink from the “bowl” on top.

Toaster Oven WithOut non-stick interior: Hidden dangers of non-stick coating and how it effects pets. 4 recommendations for Teflon free ovens to buy.

Steam mop: Pet friendly and non-toxic ways to clean with a steam mop. The attachments allow you to clean more than your floors! Learn about the creative ways I use my steam mop and the health reason I use this to clean my dog’s bowls.


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