Originally published Dec. 2008, reposted July 2012

Homeopathy offers pet owners alternatives to traditional medicine

Homeopathy can help with many common aliments.  Remedies are available for everything from fear-aggression to separation anxiety or bee stings to diarrhea.

1)  Aconitum nepellus: Helps with car sickness and anxiety while traveling. To help curb your pets fear, you can give 200c several hours prior to leaving. With 4th of July around the corner, this could be an important one to get as if is good for fear of loud noises!

2)  Nux vomica: Dogs in need of this are not well socialized so to speak. Some may classify them as sensitive or irritable. A very important use of this could be a life saver for your pet! If you pet has ingested something toxic, this can be given right away and then immediately take your pet to your vet.

3)  Apis Mellifica: Should your dog get a bug bite or sting this will help.

4)  Arsenicum Album: First thing I think of when I see this is arsenic which will make you sick. In this case the opposite is true, it will help with vomiting and diarrhea.

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