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7 Non Toxic Cat Litters

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Many cat litters are made from clay and produce that dust cloud that we all hate. As a cat sitter, I wanted to find non toxic cat litter options after one particular incident.

I witnessed a cat stagger around and almost walk into a wall after coming out of a litter box that had fragranced cat litter. I’m pretty sure it contained fabr–ze but it may have had some other artificial scent.

Natural cat litter alternatives

In my opinion, unscented is the only way to go as cats are highly sensitive to scents and some are even toxic. Also, I will cover some automatic cat litter boxes and how they can benefit people with mobility issues.

7 Non Toxic Cat Litters
7 Non Toxic Cat Litters

How is this blog different from others?

I will not include litters that are made from GMO-based ingredients like corn, wheat, or soy.

Having lived near a cornfield, I can say that stuff is a toxic waste dump. I know 3 people who were hospitalized because of the chemicals they spray on the fields. For that reason, I am not going to promote products like that for our precious pets.

Non toxic cat litter

1. Natural wood clumping litter is exceptional with odor control and clumping. This cat litter is Free of artificial fragrances, chemicals, dyes, and GMOs. It is by far the most popular natural cat litter I have come across with over 10K reviews and a 4.5-star rating.

Non-Gmo cat litter

2. Hemp Cat Litter is produced from a family-run farm that does not use pesticides or GMOs. They claim this gmo-free cat litter has Outstanding odor control, is 7x more absorbent, and is lightweight. It is 100% natural and biodegradable and decomposes faster than pellet litter.

Plant based cat litter

3. Barley cat litterBarley is a member of the grass family. This USA-sourced cat litter is the Winner of the 2019 Pet Business industry recognition award and 2022 vanguard award  Being plant-based, it makes this lighter than clay-based litter.

It clumps so well that when they dropped it on the floor it did not break apart as another litter did. It also eliminates ammonia odor and is 99% dust free.  It has been reviewed by an Allergist for safety; it is also renewable, and biodegradable.

*Please note It comes in both scented and unscented. I suggested the latter since most fragrance is synthetic and cats can be very sensitive to smells.  

Here are a few Customer testimonials. “It is the most dust free and easily clumping I have ever used. In the past, I used Corn based litter, and this litter is far superior in every way.” 2nd customer “I have had cats for 37 years and this is the best I have ever found.”

4. Bamboo cat litter: This chemical-free cat litter is the 2018 Winner of Natural Cat Litter. It is Free of chemicals and additives, has 5x’s water absorption, has all-natural odor control, and is 99% dust free. A  7 lb bag lasts 1 month and a 20 lb bag last 3 months.  

Environmentally friendly cat litter

5. Eco-friendly cat litter: This cat litter is eco-friendly because it is produced with solar and renewable energy, and is biodegradable. It neutralizes odors, has no harmful silica dust, is gentle on paws, and has 3x odor-absorbing power. It is another popular litter alternative as it has 6000 reviews with 4.5 stars. 

6. Nut-based cat litter: This chemical-free cat litter is also a sustainable cat litter. When you are ready to change the litter, it can be put in a compost bin. It is clumping and super absorbent.

A 5 lb bag has the same absorbency as  20 lbs of clay litter.  *litter box habits can be different based on the cat food they eat and their health.

Cat litter boxes are helpful for disabled people or seniors
Automatic Cat Litter Box
Automatic Cat Litter Box

Self-cleaning or automatic litter boxes can be wonderful ideas for someone who has had recent surgery, is an expecting mother, or is a senior who does not move around well.

I never thought two people I know would buy one because they are penny pinchers. Sure enough because of their mobility issues, this is exactly what they did and they have not regretted buying an automatic litter box.

  1. Litter robot: comes with a ramp/steps, litter box, and liners.
  2. Pura: For this litter box, I would NOT attach the spray mechanism if the spray is made from chemicals or fragrances. It says it works with all kinds of litter including plant-based litter.
  3. Pig litter box: This litter box features a foot drawer which eliminates the need for longer ramps or stairs to get up into the cat litter box. Also, the foot drawer has a grate to catch any litter tracking.

I hope this helps you find a healthier litter or perhaps a new litter box.  I would love to hear what you purchased and if you and your cat liked it!

For more cat products and tips, please read my recall-free cat food blog, cat herbal remedy blog, or type cat in the search box.

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  1. Victoria

    I had no idea there was a nut based litter! I am going to give it a shot. Thank you!

    1. Yes, I think it is great that they make something out of the shells instead of letting it be trash. I hope you like it!