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Recall Free Cat Foods
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If you are a Medical Medium cat owner maybe you want to know how you can apply his recommendations to your cat’s food. Yes, he came out with the pet health blog but there are only a few food suggestions. 1 Medical Medium cat food, in particular, was discussed recently on a live social media broadcast and he said it was best to only use it on occasion versus using it as an everyday food.

Medical Medium Cat
Medical Medium Cat food

I know many people still have questions. For example, do all the “no foods” apply to your pet, or are there some exceptions to eggs, wheat, liver, and the safest fish? Not knowing his or soc’s answers to these questions leaves us to use our best judgment. However recently Muneeza had his to say about pets eating eggs.

Here you will find a compilation of several days of researching food and reading the ingredient labels. I will list options for Medical Medium cat foods or at least foods that I think MM would approve of since many are free of artificial preservatives and colors and they have the least amount of his “no foods.”

I don’t follow MM, can I buy these cat foods?

Of course! No matter your lifestyle, I have options for people such as those who want cat food with vegetables or food options for people who believe cats should not have vegetables.

Prior to learning about MM, I recommend a cat client take her cat off the Vet cat food she was eating and gave her some references to pick a new wet food. Her cat who had been living with kidney disease for years not only stopped losing weight and her health improved using one of these brands. I am happy to say she lived to 23 years old!

3 cat food brands that have not been Recalled

For me picking good food for your cat (or any pet) should consist of finding a company that has control of their food. That means they share their food sourcing, do regular batch testing, and manufacture their own food.  

Why is this so important? Remember in 2007 the pet food recall that affected 5300 pet foods?  That is because most brands use 1 of 2 of the major pet food manufacturers. Once contamination happens it could quickly spread to the other brands. Recalls happen all the time from things like the above or people have found non-food objects like rocks, plastic, and screws. Yikes!

Here you will find Recall free cat foods. Each brand has various lines of cat food (and dog food). One company had a one-time event with one line due to a vitamin deficiency that happen many years ago but it was handled quickly.

TIP: you may need to transition your cat slowly to the new food or your cat could experience more trips to the litter box.

  1. Carrageenan free cat food: this shredded chicken cat food is made from a single source of protein.
  2. Chicken breast cat food without by-products: cat food made with chicken and chicken broth.
  3. Chicken and Turkey cat food: Gluten-free and starch-free cat food.

2022 Best wet cat food in pouches

Are you having a hard time finding cat food? That could be due to the can shortage. Here you will find cat food in alternative containers such as pouches.

  1. GMO free chicken and duck cat food:  cat food in a pouch without grains.
  2. Grain free Chicken cat food: cat food without grains and added pumpkin.
  3. Chicken and pumpkin cat food: it does contain tapioca starch. Tapioca is made from cassava, a well-known MM ingredient in his recipes.

Low mercury fish cat food

Cat eating Mackerel cat food
Cat eating Mackerel cat food

Medical medium says some of the safest fish are wild salmon and mackerel.  Here are some cat foods with low mercury fish.

  1. Wild Salmon and chicken cat food: canned salmon cat food contains no gluten or added hormones.
  2. Mackerel cat food: canned cat food with mackerel, and pumpkin can help with hairballs.
  3. Mackerel and green mussel cat food:  I choose this because a joint & pain supplement my dog took had green lipid mussel in it. My dog temporarily had an issue getting up and this made him get up with ease.

Cage-free and grass fed cat food

  1.  Grass-fed beef and chicken cat food: Cage-free chicken and beef cat food without grains, gluten, and carrageen.
  2.  Cage Free Turkey cat food: Cage-free chicken and turkey cat food are Gluten and carrageenan-free.  
  3. Cage free Chicken and Duck cat food: cat food with duck meat may be an option if you want to rotate protein. However, I believe duck is higher in fat so you may not want to use this on a regular basis.
Wet cat food with vegetables
  1. Grass fed Beef cat food: cat food with grass-fed beef, pumpkin, sweet potato, and carrot. 
  2. Chicken vegetable soup for cats: cat food with peas and carrots.
  3. Funky Chicken: chicken cat food with pumpkin and carrots.
Cat food with organs but No veggies 
  1. Raw Lamb cat food:  this raw alternative cat food is a great option as a meal topper or cat food for traveling. It contains lamb and Mackerel.
  2. Raw Beef cat food:  similar to the above but this cat food is made with beef.  If you give your pet kelp, you will be happy to know this cat food contains kelp.
  3. Venison cat food:  wet cat food with venison, tripe, organs, and green mussel.
  4. Rabbit cat food canned: wet cat food with rabbit meat and lamb organs.
  5. Chicken cat food with organs: canned cat food with chickpeas and organs.

You can apply other Medical Medium information to your pets as well! I believe I was one of the first people who MM reposted my video of me sharing my CJ with my dog before he wrote it in the CJ book. That is not to brag but make you feel more comfortable if he reshared it then to me he was okay with what I was doing.

I have also used his tips to do a dog liver cleanse. I was told nothing could be done except surgery but I refused to believe that and I shrunk my dog’s lipoma.  After I learned how bad chemicals are for us and that they are everywhere, I choose to get a Non Toxic toaster oven to cook for myself and my dog. Finally, I got a nontoxic mattress, and non-toxic sheets so there was no issue if he was sleeping on or near my bed and then I found a non-toxic dog bed and cat bed.

I hope this helped you in picking the best cat food for your cat(s). Please comment below if you tried one of these foods and saw an improvement in your pet’s health!

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  1. Cameo

    Thank you so much for taking the time to research and share! I feed my cat raw, but I have been very confused what to get him for backup just in case.

    1. You are welcome. I write these articles to be helpful so it is always nice to know that people are reading them let alone take the time to comment. So thank you!