Lead free pet food bowls

Toxin Free dog bowls

Lead-free dog food bowls and Cat Bowls

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It seems there is not much or any regulation when it comes to pet bowls. This is unfortunate because they could contain toxins that impact your pet’s health.

I was beginning to wonder is there a safe dog bowl?

Today I will go over hidden dangers that may be in your pet bowls, how the cheap dog bowl will cost you more in the long run and which dog food bowls and cat food bowls are safe.

Hidden dangers inside pet bowls

Stainless steel dog food bowls
Cheap dog bowls may be dangerous

I started doing research for the safest dog bowls when I found out there are a lot of things to “be on the lookout for” when buying or replacing any of your pet items.

In 2008 EWG’s research revealed that chemical exposure in pets is up to 20x’s higher than in humans. Some of the chemicals found were Teflon, chemicals from plastics, tap water is loaded with chemicals and possible pharmaceuticals, VOC’s and heavy metals such as mercury. Mercury itself can contribute to cancer. This toxic cocktail can lead to lipoma, cancer, thyroid issues, reproductive issues, and more.

In 2009 HealthyStuff(dot)org did some research that revealed traces of lead in many pet items. In the 400 pet products tested, a fourth of them had detectable levels of lead. The most shocking results were that 7% of the pet products had lead levels over 300 ppm.

Plastic dog bowls vs. ceramic cat food bowls

In 2012 Petco stainless steel bowls were recalled because of being contaminated with radioactive material. I decided to look into ceramic dog bowls but I quickly learned they are prone to chips & cracks that can harbor bacteria and the glaze may contain lead. I thought about taking the time to research ceramic bowls that have a lead free glaze but I quickly remembered the worrisome feeling I would have when dealing with heavy ceramic dog bowls. What if I drop it? That is going to be one big mess!

Plastic bowls were not even a consideration because they have their own problems like BPA. Additionally, my dog would get acne or pimple-like bumps around his mouth when he was exposed to plastic. Furthermore, plastic bowls and ceramic bowls had the highest amount of bacteria after a 14 day period according to another study. Some of the bacteria found were salmonella and MRSA.

Cheap dog bowls vs. this quality dog bowls made in the USA
Buy Quality..Once. Inferior bowls will cost you more
Cadmium & Mercury-free pet bowls

Look at the difference! Both bowls are 1 year old.

The bowl on the left is a “cheap” bowl that has rusted and “flaked” off material that possibly was ingested by my client’s dog.

The bowl on the right is the bowl featured in this blog. It does not have any rust and looks fantastic!

My point? Investing in a good bowl upfront will save you money!

5 facts about these stainless steel cat bowls and dog bowls

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Great for dry food, wet food, and water
  • 18/8 stainless steel or 300 series stainless steel dog & cat bowls
  • Radioactive free, lead-free, and mercury-free (heavy metals) pet bowls
  • Bowls from each batch are tested! Click here for Pet Bowl Test Results.

This company also sells a non-skid bowl mat to help prevent your bowls from moving around.

Non toxic Stainless steel dog bowls
Toxin Free dog bowls
Toxin-Free dog bowls

If you’re like me, you might be wondering what does 18/8 or 300 series mean? I was told many stainless steel pot & pans are 18/10 but I still had no idea what that meant. 18/8, also referred to as type 304, is composed of 18% chromium and 8% nickel. The short version is this combination helps to prevent corrosion and oxidation resistance.

Getting quality Cat food bowls water bowls, and Dog food bowls that will last a long time comes at a price. WHY? China made bowls or inferior materials allow for bowls to be the cheap price you may be used to.

Cost: If you’re looking for the cheapest priced bowls, these are not it! These bowls should be a 1x investment vs. other bowls you would likely need to replace within 1-2 years, which costs you more in the long run! More importantly, considering all the things your pet won’t be exposed to, you will have a healthier pet and fewer vet bills.

I look at it like this, I bought an ‘expensive’ water bottle for health reasons so I can justify buying the same for my dog. Besides I’m sure my dog’s bowls will last much longer than my bottle so the $34.99+for a set (2 dog bowls) is a good investment to me!

Sizes: These pet bowls are offered for both cats and dogs. The dog bowls come in Small bowls, Medium bowls, Large dog bowls, and Extra Large bowls. They also offer a mixture of sizes such as set containing 1 medium and 1 large bowl or 1 small bowl and 1 medium bowl.

Dog bowls that take a lickin’

One testimonial that really stood out to me was a customer who forgot she left the dog bowl on top of her vehicle. While driving down the road, she saw her dog bowl fly off her car. After stopping to retrieve her bowl, she found it was still in “perfect condition.”

I hope this blog helps you pick safe bowls for your pets!

Don’t forget to properly clean your bowls and prevent that dreaded slime, you’ll need to use super hot water. The water from your tap or dishwasher will not get hot enough. *Bacteria are only killed at high temperatures.

My follow up blog on these bowls offers tips on how to polish your bowls, why you might want to rotate your bowls, and my thoughts on these bowls after using them for several months. BONUS, there is a blooper video! Who doesn’t like bloopers right?!

Other articles that may interest you: How I use my water only steam mop attachment to kill bacteria and disinfect my dog bowls, why using a non-stick free oven to prepare meals is safer for your pets, and how your bedding or pets bed could be off-gassing 40+ chemicals and where to get a non-toxic dog bed and cat bed.

2 thoughts on “Lead free pet food bowls”

  1. I would like to know if your usage made and tested for safety stainless steel bowls have skid proof bottoms. I’m looking for either glass dog bowls or stainless steel that are tested and food safe;made in the U.S. Thank you so much. All the stores I call do not have a safety certificate on their stainless steel. Katie white

    1. Happy Trails & Wag'n Tails

      Good morning Katie. In this blog or the bowl review blog, I had posted a link to the testing results for these bowls. They do not have skid proof bottoms, which could be a good thing to prevent a choking hazard. However they do have holders that you can place the bowls in or perhaps you could place them on a mat so they won’t slide.

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