Pet care services provided in your *La Costa, San Marcos & Escondido CA home

Cat Sitting

San Marcos CA Pet Sitting Service

Cat Sitter and Dog Sitter

In-home pet care is different than boarding in many ways such as it allows you to create a customized pet care plan for your pet(s), they are able to keep their normal routine and have fun while you are out of town!

Boarding pets may be more expensive once you factor in the price of taking off work, vet check-ups, vaccines, extra day charge because you can’t meet the drop-off or pick up times.

With pet sitting you avoid many of these fees and your pet is at home where they are more comfortable. Pet sitting in your home may be used for cat sitting, dog sitting or pet care for other caged animals. Confirm you are in my service area!

Comparing Apples to Apples vs. Apples & Oranges

What you are getting for the price:
Healthcare knowledge: I share health tips I’ve learned through my continued education
10+ years pet sitting experience, Same pet sitter every visit

Someone who shows up every time and stays the full visit
Focus on your pet, not the clock
Peace of mind: PRICELESS!

San Marcos CA Pet Sitting - Bulldog

San Marcos CA Dog Sitter

Pet Sitting Visits Include:

  • feeding
  • playtime
  • dog walk
  • change water
  • scoop litter box
  • mail retrieval
  • rotate blinds & lights
  • give pet(s) their medicine or vitamins
  • Pet sitter will send a daily text update
  • last but not least…a lot of love and belly rubs

Untimed visit: I am the first to offer this service! Simply put I don’t focus on the clock during an untimed visit.

Rather than put a time limit on visits, your happy and content dog or cat is my barometer.

Visit(s) are not a set length of time but to give you an idea they are approximately 40 minutes long. If I stay a few minutes longer b/c your pet needs some extra lovin’ there is no extra charge

*Requirements: Cats – 1 visit per day minimum and Dogs – 2 visits per day minimum.

Price: $28-30 per visit

Hourly Pet Sitting: Beneficial for pets who are used to having someone home with them often such as a pet owner who works from home. Ideal for 3+ pets

$35 per hour

Overnight Pet Care

The visit includes all the same services as pet sitting and your pet sitter will spend the night in your guest bedroom to have a “pajama party” with your pets.

Ideal for pets who tend to bark, have separation anxiety and need special attention due to medical issues.

Standard: Visit is performed during hours of 9 pm – 7 am. [Times may slightly vary.] $70

VIP Package: One mid-day visit and overnight visit. *Should you choose overnight visits and not have a doggie door, this package is required. $100

*La Costa pet care is only provided as overnight pet care at this time

Additional fees: Consultation, Key Pick up or return, Holiday, and last-minute booking fees are covered on the FAQ page

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