Dog Walker – Serving Carlsbad CA (La Costa Area), San Marcos CA & Escondido CA



Dog walking is a good way to break up your pets day and expend some energy.

He/she will:

  • Go for a walk or have playtime
  • Have a potty break
  • Lots of love and belly rubs

You choose how you want their time spent!

Great for dogs who need some company throughout the day.

Outside our service area? Contact us, we may be able to accommodate your needs!


Benefit for owner

Less Stress: No need to rush through your day to make sure your dog is able to get out to go “potty.”

More free time: Have lunch with friends, run errands or come home to relax after a hard day.

“Dogs that get adequate exercise have far fewer health & behavioral problems than dogs who are sedentary. If you don’t provide enough opportunities for physical activity, your pup will end up with bone and joint problems and behavioral issues. “–Dr. Becker


Carlsbad & San Marcos CA Dog Walking


You are family

You are family

Dog walking services are performed Monday – Friday from 10:30 am – 2:30 pm, holidays excluded. Walks requested outside this timeframe are considered pet sitting.

Dog walk: 1 thirty minute walk for 1 dog $21.
*Ideal for clients who do not need a set number or set days of walks but only an occasional walk.

Additional dog: no fee will be assessed for a second dog. However if they don’t walk well together & need to be walked separately, additional time will be needed.

Additional time: additional ten minutes for $5

Monthly dog walking: thirty minute walk for 1 dog, five days a week, all month long. Price is based on 20 walks. Payment due on the first of the month. $410


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