Holistic approach to canine cancer

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Holistic options to prevent canine cancer
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Over the last few months, I have had several people tell me their pets have cancer. While this news made me cry, I also wanted to see what it is I could do to try to help battle canine cancer.

Holistic options to prevent canine cancer
Holistic options to prevent canine cancer

I immediately started to pull information from some information I have not yet touched on, articles written by multiple veterinarians, other popular natural dog websites, and my favorite holistic vet.

I’ll share the year’s worth of research I gathered to help keep your pet as healthy as possible.

*Please note any information I share is not meant to treat or diagnose your pet and should be discussed with your veterinarian to decide what’s appropriate. If your vet is not open to alternative modalities, search for a holistic vet.

Reduce toxic exposures to lower canine cancer risk

This is 1 of the top 2 top suggestions I have read from other vets. Why? Your pet is exposed to toxins every day in various ways. Some possibilities of chemical exposure include:

  • Vaccines, flea and tick preventatives, and some CBD can contain heavy metals
  • Tap water, Weedkiller, and bug spray all contain chemicals
  • Studies have shown dogs testing high for copper. AAFCO has not set a maximum limit so it is up to us to find low copper copper dog foods
  • Lead or radioactive materials have been found in pet bowls. Lead-free bowls are found here.
  • Non-stick coating can off-gas from your Coffeemaker warming plate, oven, and cookware. Buy Teflon-free appliances and pans.
  • Chemicals in cleaning supplies: I switched to a steam-only steam mop that has attachments to clean other surfaces.
  • Stain protectants or fire retardants on your furniture,  your mattress, or your dog’s bed. Buying a chemical free dog bed took a lot of research but I found a few  Nontoxic dog beds!

Chemicals can affect their organs. Since skin is considered an organ, anything they touch gets absorbed into their bloodstream.

Additionally, when your pet grooms themselves, they could be ingesting these chemicals. The good news is there are safer alternatives to many of these products, some of which I explain in detail in the above-linked blogs.

Alternative treatment options for canine cancer

1) 2nd opinion: One of the holistic vets I follow sent his client to an oncologist, and they said yes it’s cancer. The client got a 2nd opinion and was told the bump was non-cancerous.

2)Pet Chiropractic: In this pet cancer series, they said your spine plays a role in your health. One cancer survivor had 6 inches of his spine that were affecting his adrenals. He used chiropractic care as part of his cancer treatment and is now cancer-free.

For some, this may sound a little out there but I can say I know a dog’s spine affects them in various ways. If I hadn’t seen it with my dog, I’m not sure I would have believed myself. He had the start of an ear infection, I had him adjusted once and it went away. Years later he had a tiny poop accident when getting up. After 1-2 chiropractic sessions, he was no longer having “accidents.”

3)Pet Cannabis: In one of the episodes of the above docuseries some people beat their cancer when including cannabis as part of their regime. On YouTube, I found one family who bought cannabis oil for their dog and she is free of bone cancer. Here is the YouTube video. In the video and comments, you’ll find answers to questions many people have such as the type of cannabis oil they used and what was the dosage amount.

In part two, I will cover various foods, spices, and herbs known to prevent cancer. If your dog has a lipoma (benign lump), I will share how I was able to naturally shrink my dog’s lipoma!

Don’t see a product you are looking for? See if it is listed on my pet products page. If not, let me know in the comment below.

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  1. Amy

    The 3 herbal remedies you listed for shrinking tumors are those to be used all together? Also if I get those can I also give my dog the cannapet product? I know you are not a vet I will still be consulting my vet but curious if you used these things for your dog altogether or separately and also saw shrinking tumors. our 16 year old beagle has a giant tumor- not cancerous- on his neck and the vet will not operate due to it being attached to the muscle.

    I have found some hope in this website
    Thank you

    1. Happy Trails & Wag'n Tails

      I did all the herbals, supplements, foods to eat and foods not eat to shrink his benign tumor (lipoma). I did not use the hemp product to accomplish shrinking his lipoma. I’m so glad you found this helpful and thank you for sharing that.