Health Impacts of heavy metals in Pets are on the Rise

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A silent menace is affecting our furry companions – heavy metals

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Let’s unravel a silent menace affecting our furry companions – heavy metals. Our loyal pals may be unwittingly consuming these contaminants in their day-to-day activities, and it’s high time we shed light on heavy metals in pets.

We’ll uncover where these contaminants lurk which can be anywhere from Pet beds to dog food and their favorite play area to the products you use in your home like air fresheners.

Unveiling the Invisible Threat: How Heavy Metals Sneak into Your Pet’s World

We all want the best for our pets, and that means understanding the not-so-obvious risks they face daily.

I will dive into the topic of heavy metals in your furry friend’s life and we’ll lay the groundwork for Heavy metal exposure prevention in pets.

Heavy metals lead to health issues
Heavy metals lead to health issues

Health Impacts of heavy metals in pets are on the rise

As pet owners, we need to learn how to read the subtle signs that heavy metals might affect your pet.

It’s not just a matter of physical health; the mental well-being of our beloved companions is also at stake. 

Heavy metals are everywhere and accumulate over time in our brains and organs like our liver predominantly.5. According to NIH, heavy metals in pets are absorbed by inhalation or the intestinal tract and may aciculate in plasma, liver, kidneys, bones, hair, and tissue.3

Heavy metals can cause Seizures, anxiety, eczema, dizziness, muscle weakness, tics or spasms, eye health problems, memory issues, kidney damage, inflammation, and more.2

What Heavy Metals are lurking in your Pet Food?

Ever wondered what’s really in your pet’s bowl? Join me as we uncover the hidden world of heavy metals in pet food. Your pet’s health deserves more than just a glance at the ingredients list wouldn’t you agree?

Heavy metal contamination in pet food can happen from processing equipment used to make the food, cans or pouches wet food is stored in, food ingredients, added synthetics, and random objects like screws.

Arsenic and Copper are two examples. In 2019, 318 samples of by-products for animal feed tested positive for high levels of arsenic in animal protein products.

Dr. Dodds tested many pet foods and all contained levels of aluminum, cadmium, lead, and mercury.2 Opting for human grade dog food may help you find arsenic free pet food because it often does not come in metal containers, many have human supplements vs. synthetics and are tested before it is sold.

Copper can naturally be found in certain foods and from synthetic sources. It is an antagonist in skin conditions. It is also making pets sick since there is NO limit set for pet food. I dive more into this on my low copper dog food blog.

Are Heavy Metals in your pet's toys
Heavy Metals in your pet’s toys

How Heavy Metals Creep into Everyday Pet Products

In our journey towards natural pet care, let’s talk about where the silent invaders are hiding. Heavy metals in pets come from drinking water, toys, products, and accessories to name a few of the possibilities.

  • Vaccines “clearly need to remove thimerosal-mercury and aluminum.” These two heavy metals have been found in the brains of autistic people.1
  • Pet beds: Test results showed pet beds with all or some materials produced in China contained lead, arsenic, bromine, lead, mercury, and other dangerous. China pet beds are still allowed to be sold here! Being appalled by that, I went on a mission to find Lead Free dog beds MADE in the USA.
  • Fish oil is a source of mercury, even if a company makes claims it is mercury-free. The process used to remove heavy metals like mercury leaves behind methylmercury which enters the body faster.4
  • Fragrances from air fresheners, scented candles, conventional laundry detergent, fabric softeners, perfume, parfum (look for this in essential oils), and cologne.
  • Lead free toys: I have a few suggestions for nontoxic toys. Some of them are Oeko-Tex certified, meaning they are tested for heavy metals.
  • Metal pots and pans can be a source of heavy metals in pets if you cook food for them.
  • Bowls can contain metals whether you use stainless steel or ceramic bowls. Buy Lead and Mercury-free pet water bowls and food bowls.
  • Water can have VOCs, pesticides, lead, and Arsenic. During San Diego County water testing, the results found 2.57 ppb of arsenic. However, the acceptable amount is 0.004 ppm. Results varied, for example, La Costa water had 700x the amount of arsenic whereas Escondido water had 642x’s.

Pets are thought not to tolerate lead in their water, which is the perfect reason to invest in a whole house filter, or drinking water and shower filter system for bath time.

heavy metals where your pets play
heavy metals where your pets play
The outdoor play dilemma: Heavy Metals in your pet’s favorite play area

Fetch in the park, is a dog’s delight, right? But, have you considered the heavy metals lurking in the soil or grass?

According to NIH, heavy metals and pesticides are top of the list of environmental toxicants endangering nature. Arsenic and toxic copper are some of the metals found in pesticides and herbicides (weed killers).

To keep playtime safe, and heavy metal-free, you can have play dates in your chemical-free backyard or at a friend’s arsenic free pet yard.

If you do not have a yard, you may want to learn the schedule and types of chemicals that are sprayed at your local park.

The Best natural solutions for heavy metal detox for pets

If you are one of my followers or subscribers to my blog, you have probably seen me mention a few supplements that help remove heavy metals in pets. Those include dulse, which is a seaweed,  barely juice powder, and another powder is spirulina.  *NOTE; These are human supplements, so you will need to do the conversion for proper dosage as explained in my dog and cat herbal remedy blog.

Some foods that detox heavy metals are Sweet potato, parsley, Cilantro, wild blueberries, apples, and celery juice.6 If you can’t find wild blueberries or they are not available in your part of the world, you can buy wild blueberry powder.

Join the movement to detox pets from heavy metals

It’s a jungle out there, but with a bit of awareness and a dash of natural care, we can create a safer, healthier haven for our beloved pets.

Share this knowledge with fellow pet lovers, and let’s create a community dedicated to providing our pets with the healthiest, happiest lives possible!



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  1. Lisa Manny

    How much of HMDS do you think for a 18.5kg/40lb dog daily? Was thinking of doing a batch and freezing into ice cubes to give him daily, do you think freezing would be as effective etc, I have one daily but I do put extra supplements in mine so would rather make him his own batch, thanks

    1. Sorry to hear your dog is dealing with seizures. If it were me, I would make the batch daily vs. freezing. The reason is if you forget to defrost it, then it might get skipped. Also, I think it is important to give the powders at the appropriate dose daily to combat the seizures. If you freeze it into cubes, your dog would not get the daily amount needed for the powders if your premix it into 1 hmds.
      To make it easier for yourself, you could make the Smoothie without the powders, pour a small portion for your dog, add the powder for your dog, and then add your powder to your portion. Another option is make the smoothie without the powders, pour some for your dog, let him lick it up and then later add the 2 powders to some coconut water for your dog to drink. Coconut water is another thing good for seizures and MM recommended this as a drink. I hope that helps.