During wildfires, things can change on a dime.  As was the case in May 2014 with the Cocos Fire & Poinsettia Fire.  A few policies had been put into place which helped things run as smoothly as possible.

Pet sitting during disasters

Your pet sitter will make a reasonable effort to provide the agreed-upon pet sitting services during fire evacuations or other national emergencies, acts of God and other circumstances beyond our control that may delay or prevent pet sitter’s visit(s).

Visits may be altered and/or other arrangements will need to be made.  The first call will be to the Client and the second to the emergency contact.

Should you or your contacts be unreachable, your sitter will use their best judgment in caring for your pet(s) which may include the use of a boarding facility to keep your pet(s) safe.  Once the evacuations orders have been lifted, pet sitting may resume.

Tips for picking your emergency contact

1)  Has a key to your home: If you choose to not give out copies of your keys, another option is to have a lock box with a spare key.

2)  Lives nearby: Timing could be of the essences and roads could be closed off.

3)  Able/willing to accommodate your pets: Evacuations could last for a few days and your emergency contact must be willing to care for your pets until the evacuations have been lifted.

4)  Disaster Preparedness Plan:  If your emergency contact also gets evacuated, it will be essential they have a backup plan.

Dog walking during wildfires

In order to ensure the health & safety of all parties, mid-day dog walking services will be canceled if the following circumstances apply.

1) If the air quality is unhealthy.

2) Roads are blocked off in your neighborhood or the roads we drive to get to your location.

3) Government/City officials are asking the public to stay indoors or off the roads, this will be followed.

Fees during an emergency

Service charges:  Extra time spent attending to an emergency beyond the scheduled visit will incur additional services charges.  The rate is $30 an hour or any portion thereof.

Expenses:  Any purchases necessary for the satisfactory performance of duties, as well as service fees for obtaining items, is the responsibility of the pet owner.

Reimbursement:  Payment for additional services and/or expenses is due to H.T.W.T. within 24 hours.

Activating this policy

Cancellations:  If  H.T.W.T. cancels your dog walk you will not be charged.  Prepaid walks will be credited. Credits will be applied to the next walk and must be used within the next 2 weeks.

Notification Method:  If services are canceled, H.T.W.T. will do their best to communicate in as many ways as possible (via social media and/or email).

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