I bought a non-toxic mattress for myself and thought my dog should have a healthy bed too. To my surprise, a non-toxic pet bed can be hard to find.

Why is a toxin-free bed so important? Our pets spend almost all day on their bed or on your couch that could be filled with chemicals. FYI: The textile industry as a whole is loaded with chemicals, from the way it’s grown to the manufacturing process unless you get something made with the same process as my sheets.

Test results showed your pet’s beds may be full of chemicals! An independent study was done on pet beds that had all or some materials produced in China. They discovered lead, arsenic, bromine, lead, mercury (directly linked to cancer) and other dangerous toxins in dog beds. A different study done in 2008 by EWG stated that dogs and cats test results showed they had 48 of 70 industrial chemicals tested and many of their levels tested higher than found in humans! One example is the cat’s test results showed 23 x’s higher in flame retardants. You may be shocked to learn that flame retardants don’t stay on the material they are sprayed on. They off-gas in your home so you and your pets are breathing them in daily, they get onto your skin and in your liver causing health issues. Flame retardants are not isolated to PBDE’s. Some companies use boric acid, a respiratory irritant, while other companies other chemical or natural options like wool.

Most importantly reducing your pets toxic load is 1 of the top 2 recommendations for preventing pet cancer. *Here I also list other ways to reduce toxins in our everyday life.

In this blog, I will help you find chemical-free pet beds that provide the support and durability you are looking for. Whether your pet has joint issues or likes to rip up their bed, or you want it to fit a lifestyle such as plant-based or vegan, I have some options for you!

Non-toxic Orthopedic Dog Bed

Non-Toxic Dog Bed 3 yr warranty

Non-Toxic Dog Bed with 3 yr. warranty.

Rated “Top orthopedic dog bed” by one website, this pet bed may be ideal for your senior dog, a dog with arthritis or cat. You can buy this CertiPUR dog bed in 2 versions, One is a rectangular bed with no bolster and the second is a bolster dog bed (dog bed with back and sides, pictured here).

*Certification definitions found here or the short version is GOTS and GOLS have most restrictions making them the best options and CertiPur has fewer chemicals than regular polyurethane foam.

Orthopedic dog bed details:

  • Dog bed Certifications: CertiPUR certified foam and Intertek Certified dye
  • Dog bed inner material: CertiPUR memory foam, 2 layers, 4 inch thickness in total
  • Inner liner: Waterproof liner to protect the layers
  • Outer Cover: Washable dog bed cover, bolster dog bed has 2 zippers, flat dog bed has 1 zipper, non-skid bottom
  • Replacement dog bed cover available
  • Dog bed durability: canvas blend, stitching to help it hold up against scratching, digging, nesting
  • Colors: 3 options
  • 4 Sizes: small, medium, large and X-large. *small bolster bed for cats
  • Dog bed warranty: 30-day return policy and has a 3-year warranty

I am excited to learn that this dog and cat bed allows you to completely remove all the material and wash only the cover! Some pet beds do not have removable covers and if they do, you may be only able to pull out the bottom layer but not the bolster layer. SALE: 20% off, while supplies last

Eco-friendly Dog Bed & Eco-friendly Cat Bed

If you want a chemical-free cat bed or dog bed, to limit chemical exposure, then the below organic pet beds may be what you are looking for. Sale: 20% off until 5/27. code is Memday19

GOTS organic cotton cat bed

Non-toxic cat bed

Non-toxic cat bed

  • Cat Bed Certifications: GOLS certified latex, GOTS certified organic cotton, GOTS approved low impact dye (no formaldehyde or lead) and Sustainable Forestry Practices
  • Cat bed filling: Solid flat 3-inch latex or 6-inch shredded latex
  • Inner lining: 5-ounce organic cotton canvas
  • Outer cover: 8-ounce organic cotton, washable cover
  • Colors: Natural or Black
  • Sizes: 1 size

This company makes dog beds and platform beds too.

GOLS Latex & GOTS organic cotton dog bed

  • Dog Bed Certifications: GOLS certified Latex from plantations that adhere to Sustainable Forestry Practices, GOTS certified organic cotton, GOTS approved low impact dye (no formaldehyde or lead)
  • Dog bed filling: Solid flat 3-inch latex or 6-inch shredded latex
  • Inner lining: 5-ounce organic cotton canvas
  • Outer cover: 8-ounce organic cotton, washable cover
  • Colors: Natural or Black
  • Sizes: small, medium, large

Dog Platform bed

Dog Platform Bed

Dog Platform Bed

Your cat or dog’s organic bed can be put in this platform bed frame.

  • Benefits: pets who have a hard time laying down will not have to move as far
  • Hand made by skilled woodworkers
  • Made of sustainably-sourced wood
  • You can choose from several Zero-VOC stains including linseed oil

If you’re feeling a little jealous of your pet’s bed, they make human beds {mattresses} too! The 20% off sale applies to human beds too.

Temperature regulating dog bed

If your dog always seems hot or you find them laying on the floor often, this may be the ideal dog bed. Also, one layer stretches and therefore it may stand up to “digging” better.

Temperature neutral dog bed details:

  • Dog Bed Certifications: Certipur foam
  • Dog bed filling: Pressuring relieving layer made from recycled ingredients and several layers of foam, 5 ” total thickness
  • Dog bed for a dog who is always hot: keep your pet off the floor and more comfortable
  • Dog bed Cover: Antimicrobial, resistant to smells, can stand up to nesting/digging and has a washable cover
  • Sizes: 3 sizes available. (Small: works for a small dog as well as a cat bed)
  • Dog bed warranty: 100-day trial and 1-year warranty
Extra large dog beds

There are beds for big dogs like Great Danes. You can choose from beds made from CeriPUR foam or a non-toxic crib mattress.

7 ” thick XL dog bed:

  • Certifications: CertiPUR certified foam
  • Dog bed inner material: CertiPUR memory foam, 3 layers, 7 inches (not including headrest)
  • Replacement dog bed cover available
  • 1-year sleep trial and 10-year warranty
Chew resistant dog bed:
  • Dog bed Certifications: CertiPUR certified foam
  • Dog bed inner material: CertiPUR memory foam, shredded or solid, 3 layers, 5 inch total thickness
  • Replacement dog bed cover available
  • shape: rectangle and bolster dog bed
  • colors: 15 options
  • Dog bed guarantee: 90 chew guarantee
  • Sizes: several sizes including XXL dog bed

Dog bed firmness

A few other options are a soft dog bed made of pure wool {Humanely raised sheep, wool is a natural flame retradant} or medium-firm dog bed made of Wool & latex dog bed *in humans this would be recommended for side sleepers. If you prefer a plant-based dog bed, this vegan dog bed made with organic cotton is a medium-firm dog bed. Sale: 30% off until 5/27

I hope you find a pet bed you love! Comment below to let me know which bed you picked or if you need something not listed here like a custom dog bed or cat bed, I may be able to help.

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  1. Deena says:

    This is so important considering all the time a dog spends on his/her bed. Thanks for the helpful information.

    • Melissa says:

      I agree…. I consider myself a good pet owner and never considered this. Mine are orthopedic foam. Is that the good kind?

      • Happy Trails & Wag'n Tails says:

        Check to see if your dog bed has a tag (like a mattress tag) to see if it says Polyutherane or CertiPUR foam. If it says the later, it has the least amount of chemicals in foam that makes your dogs bed.

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