Originally published April 2008, reposted Oct. 2012

10 Tips to reduce your dog & cats carbon paw print

1. Use natural cleaning products: Many conventional cleaning product contain chemicals that have been know to effect various organs. Pets groom themselves on a regular basis and therefore could be indirectly ingesting these chemicals.

2. Get a “recycled” pet: Adopting a pet can be rewarding for all parties involved and is less expensive than breeding, buying and raising a puppy or kitten.

3.Use natural bath products: to bathe and groom your pets.

4. Flea treatment: Use natural products to keep those pesky buggers off your pet. This natural flea treatment is Organic. It is made of the same high standards as those applied to products made for human use. Made with two essential oils (rated the safest by Greenpaws dot org a division of Natural Resources Defense Council).For more tips on fleas read this post.

5. Pet Hair Removal: Instead of buying those rollers with sticky paper to remove lint or pet hair, I use a special sponge. This natural rubber sponge works wonderfully at getting pet hair off your furniture as well as blankets. Best of all, you simply pull off the hair and/or rinse and reuse.

6. Biodegradable poop bags: Purchase these to use when picking up after your pet. *Note: If you put these inside a trash bag your a defeating the purpose.Please put them in a dumpster or unlined trash can so they can break down.

7. Purchase recycled products: Many pet products are now available such as your leash, collar, toys and dog beds and cat beds made from recycled or renewable materials.

8. Wipe their paws: Use an old towel to wipe off their paws and body each time they come in from outside. This will reduce the amount of dirt on your pet & in your house.

9. Natural lawn care: Use natural products to treat & fertilize your lawn.

10. Recycle: Any containers your pets products come in should be recycled.

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