Eco-friendly Pet Collars & Green Dog Leashes

In a previous article, we spoke about the possible negative health effects of pet collars. In it, I recommend walking your dog by a harness to keep prevent neck & spine injury. I do believe dog collars should be worn but for the purpose of attaching your pets id tag.

Another purpose for collars is to express their individualism. “Cuz you’ve got personality, walk, with personality, bark, with personality, love, with personality.”

Each dog is unique so why not let it shine with some color, decorative print or reflective collars & leashes made from hemp or bamboo?!

Collars & Leashes made from reused materials

Ruffin makes tough and durable collars and leashes. They are Made in the USA using recycled plastic water bottles and other plastics, so less energy and petrochemicals are used to produce the yarn. This helps to preserve our environment, keep trash out of American landfills and conserve precious natural resources.

Another Company makes collars out of bottles and water-based ink.  Check out the recycled chemical free collars here.


Alternative materials: Hemp harness & Bamboo dog leashes

Hemp can be found in both dog collars and dog harnesses.  They are supposed to resist mold and odors.

 My favorite harness prevents chaffing. It may not be “green” but it NEVER resulted in fur loss aka balds spots and it has both front clip and back clips on the harness! 

Bamboo webbing is naturally anti-bacterial and odor resistant, more absorbent and fast drying than other natural fabrics, breathable, and 100% biodegradable! No pesticides, insecticides, or fertilizers are involved, making this the greenest fiber on Earth. Check out this bamboo dog leash

Is there an Eco requirement for pet care services?

We are a fan of Eco-friendly or green pet things but it is not a requirement to become a client. What is mandatory is that all dog walking services will be performed while your dog is on leash.


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  1. Jean Ensor says:

    Is there a website where I can purchase Ruffin’it dog collars?


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