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9 Copper Free dog foods
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If you have seen ads and wondered what is the best dog food and what makes it a good dog food versus other foods or marketing hype, then this is for you.  I  started analyzing pet food ingredients months ago because I had people requesting both cat and dog food without preservatives or liver. Then I had a special request for dog food without synthetic supplements.

I looked at all the most popular dog foods you see advertised every day in internet ads or on Social media. Everything from fresh to frozen, including freeze-dried or air-dried dog food but kibble was not part of my research. Did you know the world’s oldest dog, Bobi, who just turned 31 years old eats fresh food?!

After more than 40 hours of research, I decided I would share what I found for the best dog food with no copper added or low copper dog food. Also, I have notated foods found in several top dog food lists.

I am waiting to hear back from some companies, so save this post so you can check back for updates.

Why is low copper fog food important?

In studies, dogs’ copper levels have gone from 10 mcg to 453 mcg. The AAFCO has set a requirement for copper to be in pet foods but they have not set a maximum limit!

Some vets think it is causing liver disease, contributing to neurological disorders, and more health issues. Now it is up to pet parents to take control of the amount of copper our dogs are getting.

Low copper Grass fed beef dog food

Get 10 lbs of raw dog food for $14.95
Get 10 lbs of raw dog food

1. Raw Beef dog food:  this grass-fed dog food with low copper levels consists of beef, organs, vegetables, parsley, and other ingredients like vitamins. oil, and salt. *Copper is 3.1 mg. This brand made a 2023 top pet food list.

Cage Free Dog food with low copper levels

2. Raw Turkey dog food: low-copper turkey dog food has meat, organs, organic vegetables, herbs, and added ingredients like vitamins and fish oil. *Copper is 3.1 mg, 2023 top dog food list

3. Raw Chicken dog food: low copper chicken dog food made with Cage-free chicken, organs, vegetables, herbs, and added ingredients like vitamins and flaxseed oil.

4. Raw Venison dog food:  Wild game dog food without organs or vegetables. Made in USA pet food, 7-day money-back guarantee. Each package contains only 0.63 mg of copper, confirmed by a company employee.

Human grade dog foods without copper added

Why is human-grade dog food important? Unfortunately, dog food without this distinction may come from animal sources that have died other than by slaughter or from diseased animals. This has been admitted by the FDA.

Here is a list of dog foods that do not contain copper. *If the ingredient profile shows copper, it was noted because a food ingredient is known as a copper source.

Bonus: Get reward points on select foods when you download this money-saving extension.

Human grade dog food
Dog happy about dog food

5. Copper free cooked dog food:  This family-run business offers lightly cooked dog food that is then frozen before the customer receives it.

    • Save 20% with the code PETS20 on your first full order!
    • Several different protein options.
    • Featured in TWO 2023 Trusted pet foods lists
    • Lab tested for pathogens and never shipped out until the results come back.
    • Formulated by a holistic vet and pet nutritionist with many years of experience.
    • Delivery is free in the USA. However, Alaska & Hawaii do have a shipping fee.
    • I LOVE that the package liner is compostable and they offset their carbon emissions.
    • Life Stages: They offer food for both puppies and adult dogs. 7 adult dog foods and 3 puppy food options.
    • Pausing or reactivating your order or even changing your address is easy to do right from your account dashboard.
    • Achieved AAFCO requirements using only food, which means no added synthetic vitamins or minerals!
    • Ingredients typically included meat, organs, a small amount of produce, eggshell, and kelp powder.

Fresh dog food without added copper

Fresh dog food for 30% off your 1st order
Human grade dog food

6. Fresh Beef dog food:  This beef dog food without copper contains meat, liver, vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients like a vitamin mix without copper.

7. Fresh Lamb dog food:  This lamb dog food without copper contains meat, liver, vegetables, fruit, parsley, and added vitamins except for copper!

This fresh dog food also is available in several other protein options. The dog food is not wrapped in plastic wrap, instead, this dog food comes in containers. 30% off your first order.

Freeze dried raw dog food without copper

8. Humanly raised beef dog food: These Freeze dried dog foods are produced by a family business since 2006 vs. some giant companies that may not have control over their food. Ranked #1 in 2023 best freeze-dried dog food and is on another list for top dog food recommendations.

The food contains beef, organs, vegetables, herbs, and other ingredients like bee pollen. The only supplement is Vitamin E which is usually used as a preservative, which I learned when researching my homemade dog treat recipe.

9. Freeze-dried chicken dog food:  similar to the above recipe but this is a no-copper chicken dog food.

Raw dog food without copper added
Chunky raw dog food
Raw dog food

10. Non HPP dog food

    • Save 20% on your first order
    • Made in a USDA kitchen.
    • In the top 10 list of Best dog food of 2023
    • Balanced without added supplements or minerals.
    • Humanely raised and without antibiotics or hormones.
    • Dog food comes in smooth and chunked and with fruits and veggies or meat only!
    • Single source protein dog food. Options available are chicken, turkey, beef, duck, and rabbit.
    • Recipes tend to include meat, organs, organic produce, flaxseed oil, and other ingredients like kelp.


No copper dog treat

  1. Turkey dog treats: These Copper-free dog treats can also be used as a meal topper. It comes in several flavors like chicken and beef. Listed on the 2023 best pet food brand.

One tip Vets have suggested is that pet parents not give their dogs liver treats if they want to keep copper levels down.

How to reduce copper in dogs

If you want to know why copper is added to pet foods you can read my cat food blog.

To lower copper levels in your dog, after consulting your vet, could explore some of these steps.

Purchase one of the above dog foods that do not have added copper or low copper levels.

Bind and remove copper with certain foods. Anthony William says parsley removes copper, celery juice helps disarm copper, and Dulse binds to copper.

Another essential for removing copper is  Spirulina. It helps remove other heavy metals from the liver, intestinal tract, and thyroid and is better than any multi-vitamin you could buy. Use code: Sirena for a 5% discount on Spirulina.

If you want more ways to detoxify your dog’s liver you can use these liver detox pills for dogs made by a holistic vet.

I hope this helps you find better food for your dogs. Please share or comment on which food you bought and if it has helped your dog.

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  1. Mary

    Thank you for this excellent list and all your incredible research! Do you know of an MM pet diet coach? My friend’s cat is ill. He’s going to make an appointment with a Dr., but he also needs help with an MM approach to diet. Thank you in advance! Best, Mary

    1. I do have a few blogs that may be helpful such as my cat food blog and herbal remedies for cats and dogs. For more specific help, I may be able to help if you contact me directly. For some background, I have been applying MM info to pets for approx 6 years. I have trained to be a pet herbalist and done some training with Dr.Dobias (who is a vet on the HA forum).

      1. Mary

        Thank you, that’s great! It’s for my friend’s cat. How can he contact you directly to book a diet consultation? I’m also suggesting he makes an appointment with the vet, because this kitty has some health issues. Not sure what, but it might be serious.