New payment options for Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services – La Costa & San Marcos CA

It has been coming for awhile now but I am happy to announce I am moving away from checks and accepting electronic payments such as Google Wallet.

Paying with Chase Quickpay

First thing to note is You MUST Be a Chase checking account customer in order to pay for pet care services with QuickPay.

3 quick facts about QuickPay:

– Free to use.

– Uses a variety of technologies to ensure your safety.

– It creates a history so you can track payments you send for pet care services.

Need instructions on how to use or get started with QP?

Simply send your payment to our email address and viola you are done.

If you need more help, click here for a step by step document {created by Chase} to show you what you need to do to sign up, enroll and send payments.


Unfortunately, the company that let me process or pass along payments went out of business.

Why Google Wallet?

So many people have a Google account so it seemed to make sense to use something people are already familiar with.

Pay Dog Walking or Pet Sitting with Wallet

Pay Dog Walking or Pet Sitting with Wallet

Do I see your banking info?

No, I don’t. I only get a message like this.  —->

How to pay for pet care with Google Wallet?

It is as simple as sending an email from your Gmail account or if your an app person you can send money that way too!

To send payment via Gmail:

1) open a new email on your desktop
2) in the subject line please include dog walking or pet sitting & the dates the payment covers 
3) insert our email address
4) click the money icon located at the bottom of the email 
5) in the body send us a brief note and click send

Send payment via Wallet App

1) Open app on your phone
2) Enter dollar amount and hit send
3) Enter recipients name or email address
4) Confirm dollar amount and funding source (debit card, bank account or wallet balance)
5) Press send

If you need to cancel, you will have a few seconds to do so.  Any unclaimed money will be returned in 14 days.

Request payment from the app

If you want to skip all the above, send me a message and I can initiate the payment request.

Security of Google Wallet

The following features have been put in place to ensure your safety:

– Encryption

– Fraud Protection

– Your financial information is not shared with the payment recipient

– You can set a pin number

– Notifications can be set to alert you to any activity — I ❤ this feature

– Lose your phone?  You can disable your wallet from the web!


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