Hidden toxins are in numerous items commonly found in homes that may impact you and your pet(s) health. It has been reported that people who spend most of their time indoors are sicker than those who do not spend as much time indoors and pets chemical exposure is 5-20x’s higher than in humans! It became […]

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In part 1 of natural remedies to shrink lipomas, I discuss some alternative treatments for dog lipomas such as a few supplements that will stop lipoma growth, herbal remedies that can help shrink fatty masses, possible causes of lipomas and why you may NOT want to have surgery to remove benign tumors. In part two […]

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My oven stopped working recently which resulted in my need for a new “toaster oven.” I know there are differences between toaster ovens and convection ovens but let’s face facts, many people still refer to it as a toaster oven. I know I call it a toaster oven. Sometimes once you get used to calling […]

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Christmas pet safety tips

Published on December 18, 2012 by in Blog, Tips


Are your Christmas decorations safe for your pet(s)? The decorations that make Christmas so festive can pose a danger to your pet. Besides ingesting or getting tangled in some decorations, pets go missing more often because doors are being left open or pets slip past visitors. A few precautionary steps can help ring in the […]

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10 Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Published on October 22, 2012 by in Blog, Tips


Tips for a safe and stress free “howloween” Halloween is a fun-filled holiday for children and adults; however the constant knocking at the door, scary decorations & silly costumes can be stressful, frightening and even dangerous for dogs and cats. Following some simple tips will keep your pets safe and stress-free on Halloween. 1)  For […]

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 Preparing your pet for 4th of July For many people nothing beats a 4th of July cookout with friends and family. While your pet is part of the family, the reality is this could be a potentially hazardous day for your pets to be part of the festivities. Your San Marcos dog walker wants to […]

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Originally published May 2009, reposted June 2012 As a passionate pet parent, dog walker and pet sitter, I thought I knew everything I needed to know about fleas. For several years I have successfully treated my dog with natural products and methods to keep fleas away. If I find a few on my dog it […]

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