In my previous blog, I talked about how mattress chemicals can hurt your pet’s health and a few suggestions of chemical-free mattresses to purchase. Why? Your bedding can release toxins that can affect the health of your pet even if they sleep on their own nontoxic cat bed or dog bed. In this blog, I […]

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Whether your pet sleeps on your bed with you or in your bedroom on their own chemical free pet bed, the bedding you own could be off-gassing. Being a chemically sensitive person, I did not want chemicals to impact myself or my dog. Why is bedroom detox important for your pets? Pets can suffer from […]

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For a long time, I was cleaning my floor with eco-friendly cleaning products and a sponge mop. This method really started to bother me for a few reasons. First I had this nagging thought that I was spreading germs that were held in the sponge while I was “cleaning.” Gross! Then I had to replace […]

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