For many years I have heard that people who spend most of their time indoors are sicker than those who do not spend as much time indoors. If you have read my blogs of the last 2 years, you may have learned pets chemical exposure is 5-20x’s higher than in humans!

I wanted to improve my indoor air quality for myself and my dog by removing hidden sources of chemicals. I started with my Teflon free countertop oven and his lead-free dog food bowl and lead-free water bowl.

Plastic free Non-toxic coffee maker

Plastic-free Non-toxic coffee maker

Hidden dangers of coffee makers

What do coffee makers have to do with dogs since coffee should not be given to dogs? I’m sure some owners may say they NEED their coffee in the morning before taking their dog for a walk or to do XYZ.

However, the purpose of this article is to reveal some hidden dangers of your coffee maker that you may not be aware of. Coffee makers can be a source of 1) mold, 2) Teflon exposure, 3) BPA (an endocrine disruptor found in plastic) and 4) flame retardants (BFR’s)! These chemicals off-gas and accumulate in our home environment which in turn creates poor indoor air.

To avoid mold, I wanted a coffee maker that I could drain out the water. Why? Dark wet places are the perfect environment for mold.

I didn’t want plastic filled pods or to make my coffee cup by cup so that eliminated the ever so popular “pod machine.” While I don’t have one of these coffee machines myself, I have used one on several occasions. In my opinion, they are not good for the environment as billions of cups end up in the landfill, plastics are linked to health issues and I didn’t feel like it made a good cup of coffee. To get the flavor I wanted, I had to pack the refillable cup with a lot of coffee. In the end, I used way more coffee than I would have had I used a regular coffee maker or French press. For those of you who have this pod machine and want to continue using it, did you know they have compostable k-cups?

Flame retardants (BFR’s) can be found in many electronics like tv’s, furniture and more. Although it is in many products, it is not required to be on the label. I decided to purchase from companies who have worked to eliminate these chemicals in their computers and this mattress company. <– No wonder they have over 12,000 five ⭐️ reviews for their Organic cotton mattress!

Teflon free coffee maker

The warming plate on some coffee makers may contain Teflon. As part of my kitchen detox, this was one of the items I replaced with a less toxic version.

Automatic non-toxic coffee maker

Whenever I did a search for a non-toxic coffee maker, the results were always French press, and percolators.

It seemed that there was no automatic “drip” coffee maker considered toxic-free as many contain plastic parts such as a plastic water tank, plastic water tube, and a plastic coffee cone basket.

Finally, I found a non-toxic drip coffee maker! When I saw the price, I rationalized I could spend way less money buying the manual version. After a few minutes of debating, I realized I would probably not enjoy taking the time to boil water in my kettle and then stand there slowly pouring water.

Coffee maker details:

  • glass water tube
  • glass water tank reservoir
  • Plastic-free coffee cone: reusable stainless steel filter
  • glass coffee carafe
  • brews about 4 cups in 5 minutes
  • Spray heads do a slow spin while alternating water from different “spouts”
  • It’s pretty. 😆 It has a sleek look and blue lights that illuminate the buttons

Things to know that may impact your decision in buying this coffee maker

  • Coarse ground coffee: You will have to have a coffee grinder {recommendation below} as a finer grind may cause issues for you when using this type of coffee maker.
  • Timer: There is a timer that automatically turns off the warming plate but there is not one to set the coffee maker to start brewing at a certain time. You have to push the button.
  • Brewing capacity: Although the carafe holds up to 8 cups, you can only brew either 2 or 4 cups at one time. If you need 8 cups, you have to select the 4 cup option two different times.

There are a few disappointments about this coffee maker that I can live with. The lettering for the words “ready” and “brewing” started to come off in the first 2 months. Last I checked, this company does not have a replacement carafe. However, I did find a replacement carafe that looks very similar!

Below is a short video to hear how it sounds when making coffee. If you want to see how it operates, here is a full demonstration of this coffee maker.

Tip: For those of you who want piping hot coffee, follow the tip on the full demo video. Still not hot enough? Warm your coffee mug and creamer (if used) before putting the coffee in your mug.

BPA Free and Phthalate free coffee maker

Another option of a drip coffee maker, which is more expensive, but well known is this coffee maker. While it is not perfect, it is BPA/BPS/BPF free, has Phthalate-free plastic, and has a glass carafe. It comes in over 20 colors to match any decor or add a punch of color and has a 5-year warranty.

Why your coffee maker has a plastic smell or burning smell

I thought about going back to a coffee maker I had before that holds hot water in the tank. I did not go with this coffee maker for many reasons such as I read many complaints about a bad smell, burning smell or plastic smell coming from the coffee maker. I contacted the company and was told it could be from the epoxy used on the water tank.

Non-toxic Coffee Gear: Coffee Grinders, Coffee mug, and accessories

Coffee container: I store my organic coffee & chicory mixture (New Orleans style) in this container. About this company: The wrong color container was sent to me. I contacted them and they immediately offered to “make I right.” I was thrilled with how quickly they took care of it. Great Customer service!

Eco Cup/ Travel Coffee Mug: Many mugs with lids have the plastic ring, o-ring, around the lid which are prone to mold. I ran into that with this coffee mug and travel mug. Unfortunately, I had to throw them away since the o-ring itself couldn’t be replaced. I needed something that would last longer and was more eco-friendly. I found these eco-friendly coffee cups which have worked great for 7 months and counting. I hand wash mine but I have seen others put them in the dishwasher. The difference I noticed was the “outside ring,” like the coffee sleeve you put on at the coffee shop, came loose on the mugs washed in the dishwasher. The lid has no inner 0-ring, is made from silicone and has never dripped coffee all over me. According to Health Canada, silicone does not react with drinks. Another advocate says, silicone is recyclable, doesn’t decompose but it is not considered hazardous waste as it is not toxic to aquatic organisms.

Coffee Grinder: manual grinders can be great for travel or if the electricity goes out. Electric Burr Mill grinder with 1) a BPA free coffee container and three-year warranty 2) Burr grinder with Borosilicate glass container (which is supposed to reduce static!?) and finally 3) Burr Coffee Grinder with glass hopper and coffee catcher. Unfortunately, it only has a 1-year warranty but is a popular brand that I have heard makes long lasting products.

Electric water kettle: glass water kettle with automatic shut off and blue light that illuminates while boiling.

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  1. Mark Thomas says:

    This is a great post! Very informative. I have been using a ceramic cone for pour overs. I also have a cold brew maker that is mostly glass except for a silicone valve. Although I rarely make a pot of coffee I am impressed by the glass reservoir coffee machine that you featured. I did not know they existed. Well done!

    • Happy Trails & Wag'n Tails says:

      Thank you so much Mark! I looked into a ceramic pour over myself. Unfortunately the company could not or would not verify that it was led free. I hope yours is!

  2. This was a cool article. It is very well written and informative. The next time my coffee maker dies, this will be on my list of options. Thanks for posting.

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