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Happy Trails & Wag’n Tails started in 2006 after taking care of a military member’s dog for 1.5 months.

I enjoyed caring for him so much that when our time together came to an end, I cried my eyes out. His owners knew I much I liked “hanging out” with him but they figured out quickly how much he loved spending time with me. From that point forward, the owners stopped asking neighbors to care for him as I was now his permanent pet care provider.

I was “bitten by the bug” and I knew I could no longer deny myself of my dream to work with animals.

Happy Trails & Wag’n Tails was founded with the goal of being the best at providing excellent pet care with an emphasis on pet health.

From inception to present day, I continue to attend seminars on general health issues, how to treat pets with holistic, homeopathic & herbal remedies and attend seminars such as pet first aid.

How does this benefit you? You will feel at ease knowing someone who truly loves what they do for a living is caring for your pets.

Advantage of using Happy Trails & Wag’n Tails vs. another dog walking or pet sitting company?

There is NO requirement for pet sitters or dog walkers to know anything about health issues or be able to guide you on products. My continued education in this area makes it more likely that I would recognize any health issue and whether it really necessary to go to the vet (saving you money and unnecessary worry).

At first, I was nervous about hiring a dog walker. But Happy Trails & Wag’n Tails is such a great find. She has never missed a day, and she always sends detailed email updates on how each visit went. One time, She mentioned that Maple might have an ear infection, which I hadn’t noticed. It gives me peace of mind to know that Maple is in such good hands. I’ve gotten the same feeling from my personal interactions with her. She definitely has a special connection with Maple. I could tell right away that Maple felt comfortable with her, whereas she seemed nervous around the other dog walkers I considered.”
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About your Carlsbad – San Marcos dog walker & pet sitter

The owner & operator has been a life long pet owner. I grew up having birds, hamsters, fish, dogs and a cat. I started taking care of pets for family & neighbors several years before I started pet sitting professionally. Currently, I own own a large breed dog that I adopted while working with a rescue organization (which is something I fully support). I have volunteered with the North County Humane Society & Pretties with Pitties. I am a member of several pet associations, an avid reader of many pet message boards, pet or pet sitting magazines, industry related articles such as how to break up a dog fight, and attend seminars such as dog fear & aggression and how to prevent pet cancer.

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