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Dog Walker & Pet Sitter serving the San Marcos, CA area

Your furry family member deserves the best pet care!

Dog walking and pet sitting services provide a stress-free experience for clients & their pets while clients are away for business or pleasure.

Dog walking

Do you need someone to walk your dog? If you work long hours, I can help! Your dog walker gives your dog a chance to expend some energy, “stop to smell the roses” and of course relief!

Pet sitting Service

Pet sitting is an alternative to dog kennels and vet boarding. Pet sitting allows your pets to stay together in their home with familiar smells, sounds and their own food which creates more of a stress-free experience.


Do you feel the same as my current clients?

  • Your pet(s) are your “kids.”
  • You want private walks & care in your home vs. pack walks & a kennel.
  • You enjoy receiving updates detailing the fun we had or pictures during our visit. If you prefer “no news is good news”, that’s an option too!
  • You want peace of mind knowing that I (a professional pet sitter) am someone who truly loves what they do for a living — is caring for your pet(s).


Why choose me as your dog walker or pet sitter?

1) Health Care Knowledge: There are no requirements for pet sitters to have health care knowledge. However, I choose to continue educating myself in holistic methods.

This knowledge makes it more likely that I would recognize a health issue and if it’s necessary to go to a veterinarian, which will prevent unnecessary worry and save you money.

2) I stay in contact: I return phone calls & emails in a timely manner.

3) Consistency: Same dog walker and same pet sitter every day. Owner operated.

4) Experience: Over 10+ years experience providing professional pet care. To learn more, read my about me page.


Are you ready for your pets to have a ball? To get started, call 760-683-Walk today!


Benefits of pet care for you!

1) I may notice things you don’t: It could be an ear infection or something with your home. For example, I mentioned a few things in my daily notes to a client which resulted in saving the foundation of their home and thousands of dollars.

2) Emergency back up: If you unexpectedly become injured or need to leave the area quickly to attend a family issue, I step in to care for your pet(s).

3) Home security: My presence gives the appearance of someone being home. Also, many security experts recommend having your mail and newspapers picked up, I do this for you!


What are my customers saying? Read more testimonials

Thank you for staying with him after his Seizure

Thank you for staying with him after his Seizure


When and Where dog walking and pet sitting services are provided:

Pet care service hours: Mon-Sun: 8 am to 8 pm.
Office Hours: Mon – Fri: 8 am to 5 pm, Sat: 8 am to 3 pm, Sun: closed and Holidays: closed 1 day before, during and after the holiday.

Serving pets in:

      • Carlsbad CA: La Costa area
      • San Marcos CA: all areas of San Marcos including San Elijo and Lake San Marcos
      • Escondido CA: serving clients near CA-78 & I-15 and Harmony Grove

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